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I go by: Radina, Dina, Didi, DinaM, didinomade… Yeah, I might have a multiple personality disorder… :)

I usually dwell in/around: At the moment Barcelona (Spain), but was born in Belgrade (Serbia), and spent college years in Perugia (Italy).

I’ve been gnomed since: Even though I’ve been using free and open source software on Windows for years,  I’m a late Linux bloomer. It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve been charmed by GNOME 3 and started migrating almost all my professional and leisure digital needs to it.

GTG entered my life when: I used it occasionally for a while and been waiting for more features (integration with Google tasks, for example). Then last year I got tired of waiting and decided to lend a hand 😉  Started by updating the Spanish, Italian and Catalan locale, exchanged some ideas about the GUI improvements on the mailing list, and finally wrote  the User Documentation in Mallard as part of my GOPW internship. I remain involved in the project as a community manager and trying to build this new website. Still work-in-progress, as you probably noticed, since I sometimes write at Redes Sociales Verticales Fracasadas:(

My wishes for GTG this year: That we manage to engage a vibrant community of users and contributors in making GTG the task manager with the simplest, yet most effective and the most user-friendly interface.

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: Photography, reading about science, bricolage, hiking, my cactus and succulent plant collection, vine…

If you really need me, look for me here: If in dire need look for didinomade on #docs channel!

I will be speaking at tcworld conference in Stuttgart (Germany) about GNOME Documentation. The main idea for the talk was to present GNOME docs (and by extension, other open docs communities) as a great resource for the technical communication students and training.

tcworld conference 2014, International Congress Center (ICS), Stuttgart Messe,
Wed, November 12 2004, 12:15 – 13:00, Room C7.3 OG

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