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Meet Xuan, one of GSoC students that are working on GTG this summer. Xuan is porting GTG and Liblarch to Gtk3 and Python3.

You can find his work on Launchpad and he blogs about his progress here:












I go by: Xuan Hu/Sean Hu/huxuan

I usually dwell in/around: Beijing, China

 I’ve been gnomed since:  I have been using Linux with GNOME since 2008, my first year at college. And I have been a contributor since last year but I did not get into the GSoC program then. :-(

GTG entered my life when: I am a heavy user of GTD , and GTG is the best client on Linux.

My wishes for GTG this year: I want GTG have a better sync features with other cloud based GTD applications so we can use GTG everywhere.

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: My current research field is Mathematical Formula Recognition and Retrieval, so I also occasionally contribute in related projects like MathML in Firefox.

If you really need me, look for me here:

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