Meet the Team – Parin Porecha

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Meet Parin, another of GSoC students working on GTG this year.

Check the demo of the coolest web application for GTG:

All the code is available on Launchpad:




I go by: Parin.

Well, I wanted to keep ‘Tony Montana’ or ‘Tyler Durden’ at first, but they don’t go down well with other devs, do they?

I usually dwell in/around: Mostly in front of my laptop at my home in Jamnagar, India.

I’ve been gnomed since: I mainly used Windows until 2011 and started to use Linux as freshman at my university. When I installed Linux Mint, thats when I came to know about Gnome. I love the combination of Cinnamon interface and Gnome3. Now, I don’t feel like switching distros or back to Windows anymore.

GTG entered my life when: I haven’t used a task-manager before. Never really quite felt the need. In December 2012 vacations, I had some free time and wanted to customize my linux desktop (add options to right-click menu, install a sleek theme etc., you know trying to make my desktop look geeky). So, I searched, and found out that the desktop environment was Gnome.

“Okay, so that means I should customize Gnome!“

So, I started looking on Gnome Live!, and other places, how to hack the windows manager and landed on Gnome Love. I then tried to find Nautilus in the mentors page, and thats where I read –

‘Getting Things Gnome! –  We are a small team and we would be happy to meet you. ’

“ Now this looks friendly ! ”

So, I sent a hello world mail to know how things work in Gnome. Now I feel that was the smartest thing I did. Izidor Matušov, helped me a lot. He taught me how to write patches, python technical stuff, and now I am doing a GSoC project mentored by him and GTG co-founder Lionel Dricot. Now I think I’ll start using GTG to manage the SoC schedule.

My wishes for GTG this year: I am very excited about this year’s projects because they’ll open a lot of opportunities after SoC gets over. Lionel wanted a web interface in 2012, so I hope the scope of my project gets completed, we add many more features by the end of 2013, and GTGOnline! becomes live.

The other project will pave the way for redesign of GTG’s current interface, and I am looking forward to working on it in the future :-)

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: When I’m not working, it’s leisure time! I enjoy playing Video Games a lot (especially GTA series :D), watching movies and stand-up comedy shows (Ricky Gervais rocks :D)

If you really need me, look for me here: Facebook, G+



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