Meet the Team – Parin Porecha

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Meet Parin, another of GSoC students working on GTG this year.

Check the demo of the coolest web application for GTG:

All the code is available on Launchpad:




I go by: Parin.

Well, I wanted to keep ‘Tony Montana’ or ‘Tyler Durden’ at first, but they don’t go down well with other devs, do they?

I usually dwell in/around: Mostly in front of my laptop at my home in Jamnagar, India.

I’ve been gnomed since: I mainly used Windows until 2011 and started to use Linux as freshman at my university. When I installed Linux Mint, thats when I came to know about Gnome. I love the combination of Cinnamon interface and Gnome3. Now, I don’t feel like switching distros or back to Windows anymore.

GTG entered my life when: I haven’t used a task-manager before. Never really quite felt the need. In December 2012 vacations, I had some free time and wanted to customize my linux desktop (add options to right-click menu, install a sleek theme etc., you know trying to make my desktop look geeky). So, I searched, and found out that the desktop environment was Gnome.

“Okay, so that means I should customize Gnome!“

So, I started looking on Gnome Live!, and other places, how to hack the windows manager and landed on Gnome Love. I then tried to find Nautilus in the mentors page, and thats where I read –

‘Getting Things Gnome! –  We are a small team and we would be happy to meet you. ’

“ Now this looks friendly ! ”

So, I sent a hello world mail to know how things work in Gnome. Now I feel that was the smartest thing I did. Izidor Matušov, helped me a lot. He taught me how to write patches, python technical stuff, and now I am doing a GSoC project mentored by him and GTG co-founder Lionel Dricot. Now I think I’ll start using GTG to manage the SoC schedule.

My wishes for GTG this year: I am very excited about this year’s projects because they’ll open a lot of opportunities after SoC gets over. Lionel wanted a web interface in 2012, so I hope the scope of my project gets completed, we add many more features by the end of 2013, and GTGOnline! becomes live.

The other project will pave the way for redesign of GTG’s current interface, and I am looking forward to working on it in the future :-)

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: When I’m not working, it’s leisure time! I enjoy playing Video Games a lot (especially GTA series :D), watching movies and stand-up comedy shows (Ricky Gervais rocks :D)

If you really need me, look for me here: Facebook, G+



Meat the Team – Xuan Hu

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Meet Xuan, one of GSoC students that are working on GTG this summer. Xuan is porting GTG and Liblarch to Gtk3 and Python3.

You can find his work on Launchpad and he blogs about his progress here:












I go by: Xuan Hu/Sean Hu/huxuan

I usually dwell in/around: Beijing, China

 I’ve been gnomed since:  I have been using Linux with GNOME since 2008, my first year at college. And I have been a contributor since last year but I did not get into the GSoC program then. :-(

GTG entered my life when: I am a heavy user of GTD , and GTG is the best client on Linux.

My wishes for GTG this year: I want GTG have a better sync features with other cloud based GTD applications so we can use GTG everywhere.

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: My current research field is Mathematical Formula Recognition and Retrieval, so I also occasionally contribute in related projects like MathML in Firefox.

If you really need me, look for me here:

Blog | LInkedIn | GitHub | Twitter | Google+




Meet the Team – Radina Matic

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I go by: Radina, Dina, Didi, DinaM, didinomade… Yeah, I might have a multiple personality disorder… :)

I usually dwell in/around: At the moment Barcelona (Spain), but was born in Belgrade (Serbia), and spent college years in Perugia (Italy).

I’ve been gnomed since: Even though I’ve been using free and open source software on Windows for years,  I’m a late Linux bloomer. It’s been a couple of years now that I’ve been charmed by GNOME 3 and started migrating almost all my professional and leisure digital needs to it.

GTG entered my life when: I used it occasionally for a while and been waiting for more features (integration with Google tasks, for example). Then last year I got tired of waiting and decided to lend a hand 😉  Started by updating the Spanish, Italian and Catalan locale, exchanged some ideas about the GUI improvements on the mailing list, and finally wrote  the User Documentation in Mallard as part of my GOPW internship. I remain involved in the project as a community manager and trying to build this new website. Still work-in-progress, as you probably noticed, since I sometimes write at Redes Sociales Verticales Fracasadas:(

My wishes for GTG this year: That we manage to engage a vibrant community of users and contributors in making GTG the task manager with the simplest, yet most effective and the most user-friendly interface.

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: Photography, reading about science, bricolage, hiking, my cactus and succulent plant collection, vine…

If you really need me, look for me here: If in dire need look for didinomade on #docs channel!

I will be speaking at tcworld conference in Stuttgart (Germany) about GNOME Documentation. The main idea for the talk was to present GNOME docs (and by extension, other open docs communities) as a great resource for the technical communication students and training.

tcworld conference 2014, International Congress Center (ICS), Stuttgart Messe,
Wed, November 12 2004, 12:15 – 13:00, Room C7.3 OG

GTG guys & gals at GUADEC 2012!

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Check the cool pic of the GTG people that met at this year’s GUADEC in A Coruña, Spain:


And they are, from left to right: Baptiste (GSoC student working on integrating GTG with gnome-shell), Guillaume (author of our Bugzilla plugin and now working with Izidor on integrating GTG with Telepathy), Meg (GSoC student and GTG collaborator), Izidor (GSoC student and GTG mantainer), Federico (Mena, no presentation needed ;), Jeff (bug triager and tester since the early days of GTG), Lionel (GTG developer and GSoC mentor).

Those of us who couldn’t make it to GUADEC this year were reading with envy about all the interesting talks, nice Spanish weather (and food, and wine… :). However, GTG folks spent GUADEC free time hacking some new features too:


Stay tuned for the news about the progress of the GTG features by our GSoC students this summer!

Meet the Team – Izidor Matušov

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Another episode of the Meet the Team series – all you wanted to know about the people behind GTG!

Ploum and Izidor at Desktop Summit in Berlin

Izidor Matušov

I go by: Izidor – the best nickname ever! :)

I usually dwell in/around: Brno, Czech Republic

I’ve been GNOMEd since: In 2004 I installed my first Linux distribution, Fedora Core 2, and it shipped with GNOME as the default desktop environment. Later, when my computer was becoming somewhat outdated, I switched to Fluxbox but I still used GTK based applications. I bought a new laptop in 2010, switched back to GNOME and Unity (which is based on GNOME) and I’ve been using it ever since.

GTG entered my life when: I have tried all possible task managers for Linux (Thinking Rock, TaskCoach, Tasque and even mind-mapping with  Freemind) but none suited me right. The main problem was the huge pile of tasks I stored in a task manager, frequently ending in me realizing about the deadline a few days after the deadline… 😀

I discovered GTG while I was looking for the potential Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects in 2010, and it was perfect. I loved the task editor, filtering by tags, and it even had subtasks feature! I haven’t changed my task manager since. Even though I wasn’t accepted as GSoC student that year, at least I found the perfect app for my tasks. The next year I did become GSoC student for GTG, and afterwards continued as a maintainer of GTG. This summer I am GSoC student again and I work on Collaborative GTG.

My wishes for GTG this year: There are many things going on at the moment. We have three awesome GSoC projects: Collaborative GTG  (share tasks with your friends), Task editor rework and GNOME Shell extension which will perfectly integrate GTG with GNOME. If we manage to release all this work and get better at synchronization, I will be happy.

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: Learning a foreign language, reading a good book or practicing my public speaking skills at Toastmasters.

If you really need me, look for me here: my blog,  G+

Meet the Team – Lionel Dricot

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Today we continue the Meet the Team series – all you wanted to know about the people behind GTG!


Lionel Dricot

I go by: My real name is Lionel Dricot but you probably know me as Ploum.

I usually dwell in/around: Belgium, in front of my computer.

I’ve been gnomed since: I used to be a FVWM user but in late 2003 I received a new computer with a new display. My old resolution had been hardcoded in my fvwm configuration, so I temporarily switched to GNOME 2.4. Retrospectively, this decision had a major impact on my life – I invite you to read a brief retrospective for more insight.

GTG entered my life when: In 2007 I started a new job with the responsibility of managing my own projects. After two days, I discovered that I could not handle everything, that a method was needed. After looking around I quickly found the “Getting Things Done” and adapted it to my own life (this is described in French here ).

For a year I’ve been trying to find a software to implement my method, and during that whole year I discovered that each tool was so painful to use that I was actually writing down each item that I had to put in the tool and that entering tasks in the tool was a tool in itself! In the last quarter of 2008, I discussed these issues with Bertrand and he told me he faced the same problems. Because we were both GNOME lovers and I had GTK programming experience through my Summer of Code in 2006, we decided to write our own application.

Bertrand came up with the name Getting Things GNOME! and I found it hilarious. We met several times in Bertrand’s room because he had a white-board. We analyzed all the requirements and the use cases, after which we started to write the application itself. I remember spending the nights programming and while I attended the Linux Embedded conference in the Netherlands, instead of listening, I wrote most of the code for the GTG task editor.

We released the version 0.1 during FOSDEM 2009. The rest is history.

Lately I haven’t had as much time to dedicate to programming GTG like I used to. I try to review the patches and be a helpful resource to Izidor, which is now writing most of the code.

My wishes for GTG this year: I would like GTG to have its own web service with a web interface. That’s it.

When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: Managing projects around LibreOffice for Lanedo, doing freediving and Yoga and being active in the Belgian Pirate Party.

If you really need me, look for me here: If you want to follow me, the most important social networking tools I use are my blog, @ploum on Twitter and Google+.

I’m using these less frequently Facebook (mostly for Belgian politics), Diaspora, and Linkedin (but I’m not accepting people I don’t know on it, so don’t forget to tell me why I know you if you add me there).

Meet the Team – Bertrand Rousseau

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Today we start our Meet the Team series – all you wanted to know about the people behind GTG!

image ©2006-2012 ~Crisc0

Bertrand Rousseau

I go by: Bertrand Rousseau. My nick is “rousseau” most of the time, but sometimes I use “broussea” as well.
I usually dwell in/around: Brussels, mainly. I was born in Belgium and mostly lived there. I’ve also spent several months in Stockholm a couple of years ago.
I’ve been gnomed since: I’ve been a GNOME user for many years. Started using Linux somewhere in 2000, but I’ve become a serious addict around 2002-2003. It’s about that time that I became a GNOME aficionado too.
GTG entered my life when: Lionel and I decided to start the project in 2008 as we got bored by the task managers that were available back then (Tasque, Tasks, etc.) We were also both open source enthusiasts and we wanted to start our own project. So we basically locked ourselves in a room and started to design what would become GTG! Since we both love python and the idea of a simple-to-code application, we opted for python GTK. We’ve never regretted it!
My wishes for GTG this year: GTG attracted many talented people recently! I hope we’ll develop a rich collaborative community around the project, it’s awesome to see it grow like this! I hope that we will soon roll out a truly amazing release. Given what’s in the pipeline, I’m sure it will! And finally, I’m particularly enthusiastic about the recent interest in GTG redesign, and all the related work/discussions!
When I’m not crashing (on) GTG Launchpad, I enjoy: I’ve been enjoying jogging a lot recently, so I try to run as regularly as possible. Before that I’ve been practicing martial arts (ju-jutsu) and a while back did some improv (and hope to do that again sometimes soon). Besides that, I enjoy hiking a lot!
If you really need me, look for me here: I used to have a blog, but I stopped writing a while back for no particular reasons, and now I mainly post random stuff on Google+ (Bertrand Rousseau) and Twitter (@broussea)! The best way to contact me is clearly by mail (I tend not to hang out on instant messaging systems). If you’re (really, really) lucky, maybe you will see me on IRC, with the nick “rousseau”.


Welcome to Izidor, new GTG co-maintainer

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We suck at maintaining this website. A lot of people have asked me if GTG was dead. It is definitely *not* dead. But we had to face a lot of technical issues and a lot of the work was happening behind the scene.

During this summer, three students worked on GTG. One of them continued to work so heavily on GTG even after the SoC that we decided to appoint him co-maintainer.

Welcome on board, Izidor !

Ploum & Izidor, GTG's maintainers

Meet the GTG’s maintainers, Ploum and Izidor

His first action as a co-maintainer was to organize a hackfest that will took place on #gtg (Gimpnet) on November 26th. The goal is to release 0.2.9 with a lot of nice features before the end of the year.

Read the announce on Ploum’s blog.