GTG Rich Text Editor

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Our GSoC intern Steve Scheel will be reworking the Getting Things GNOME! task editor this summer with the idea of adding rich text capabilities. Here are the ideas that emerged so far on our mailing list:

  • Tomboy-like note editor (rich text options such as bold, underline, etc.)
  • adding a button with a drop down menu and shortcuts commonly used in other programs
  • designing a new architecture for task editor that will be:

* extensible – adding new features like spell checking
* testable – split parsing GTK code and cover parsing with as many unit tests as possible
* with public interface for the rest of GTG – force editor to reload the task

  • writing the editor from scratch using GTK3 instead of PyGTK as GTG is going to switch from PyGTK to GTK3 soon
  • using the alternative shortcuts syntax as in mail editors (*bold* or _underlined_)

Check this blueprint and join the effort on our mailing list!


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