Download GTG

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There are several ways to download GTG:

For everyone under Linux

Tarballs with source code of GTG are available here:

In order to start GTG, uncompress the archive in a folder and type:

$ ./gtg

You must have the following package installed (as named under Ubuntu):

* Python,  2.6 or above
* python-support
* python-configobj
* python-xdg
* python-dbus
* python-liblarch 
* yelp (to read GTG documentation)

If you want to install GTG on your system, it is highly advised to not use the traditional Instead, use the package built for your distribution.

For Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install gtg

We also offer a PPA with stable releases and a daily build PPA

For Debian

apt-get install gtg (in Sid)

For Fedora

yum install gtg (available here)

For OpenSuse

click here. Package done by Andrew Wafaa.

For ArchLinux

It looks like there’s already a package

For OpenBSD

There’s a port available done by Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse.

For FreeBSD

There’s a port available, done by Ruslan “mrk” Mahmatkhanov.

For Gentoo

It looks like there’s a portage

For Mandriva

For Mandriva 2010.0 : urpmi gtg –media Backports

For Mandriva > 2010.0 : urpmi gtg

For other distributions

If you did a package for your distribution, just tell us so we can put it on this page.

For Windows

Alexandre Collignon has started to work on a windows port of GTG, it has its own Launchpad project site, here:

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