Best Affordable Massage Chairs In The World 2021 – Below are the which have a wide range of incredible features. These have different price ranges so that you can choose a massage chair that best suits your budget as well as needs.

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Best Affordable Massage Chairs In The World 2021

#01 – INADA Dream Wave Massage Chair

INADA-DreamWave-Massage-ChairThis massage chair is equipped with body scanning technology that pinpoints the shiatsu points and customizes each massage according to the user’s shape and size. The handheld remote control allows you to select any of the 16 automatic massage modes or manually design the massage with 1000 possible combinations. The dream-wave technology along with the air cells work to give you a soothing massage from the head to the toes. If you want to choose every single detail of your massage experience, then this chair is for you.

#02 – Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage ChairThis Titan Massage Chair has a 2-stage zero gravity, 6 pre-programmed modes and styles, and a vibrating seat that provides mild to strong massages. You can pick the body party of your choice like arms, shoulders, or hips. The back and upper back massage are strong while the lower back and feet massage is mild. The massage chair is comfortable and suitable for people less than 5’6”. It is equipped with wheels but might require two people to assemble and shift. Overall, a great massage chair.


RELAXONCHAIRThis massage chair offers three types of massages- tapping, kneading, and a combination of the two. There are three different massage speeds and intensities you can select and vary according to your need and comfort. It has three stages of zero-gravity and your feet are elevated to the same height as your heart. It is made of good quality synthetic leather and is very light and easy to move. The gentle but firm rollers glide from the shoulders down to the buttocks. The lower back heating along with the deep tissue massage option and the full-body stretching feature makes this a wonderful massage chair. Any queries about the instructions can be addressed to the customer support which is prompt and helpful.

#04 – Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair

At a low price, you get features like zero gravity, Bluetooth connectivity, automatic programs, and LED lights. 50 airbags cover the body from the arms, shoulders, and hips to the calves and feet. The 8 fixed rollers cover the neck, upper back, and lower back, thus giving you the full-body experience. The remote lets you modify and adjust the strength and speed of the massage according to your needs. The chair fits those around 6’5” and weighing 250lbs. Read the instructions twice before you begin assembly. If you find the massage a bit too intense to your liking, just add a cushion or pillow underneath.

#05 – Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage ChairThis massage chair is ideally suited for those under 5’8” weighing less than 200lbs. It is compact, light, and can be smoothly tilted and moved using the caster wheels. The chair arrives completely assembled and requires no set up-you just have to plug it into a socket.
It provides mild lower back massages and deep upper back and glute massages. The Bluetooth connectivity is quick and the speaker quality is admirable. The control panel is situated on the inside of the arm which can be a bit inconvenient. It is good-looking, gives great massages, and has good value for money.

#06 – Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage ChairThis recliner massage allows you to customize your massage and target a specific area to massage or select from any of the automatic massage programs. Once the chair reclines, select the zero-gravity function and feel the improvement in the massage. The chair can be used by different people as the footrests can be extended up to 4.3 inches. Play any music of your choice using the Bluetooth connectivity feature. All in all, it gives excellent value for your money.

#07 – Rocking Massage Chair

Rocking Massage ChairThere are deep kneading massage nodes on your shoulders, neck, back, and lower back which provide intense strong massages. You can vary the intensity of the massage and also vary the type of massage such as spot, tapping, or deep kneading, spot, or tapping massages on your back. The chair’s cover can be readily detached and cleaned. The parts are made of good quality materials and the chair is simple to set up. If the massage gets too intense, just add a blanket underneath. Excellent value for the price.

#08 – Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner ChairThis recliner massage chair has 8 vibration massage motors that cover the shoulders, back, lower back, and legs. There are 8 separate massage areas and 9 pre-programmed modes with 5 intensities to choose from. The lower back heating is mild and noticeable. The chair is comfortable and best suited for average-sized persons. If you have hardwood floors, skip this chair as the vibrators can get quite loud. Ensure that you have proper tools to assemble the chair, and you are all set.

#09 – Zyllion Shiatsu

Zyllion ShiatsuThis cushion pad is perfect for deep tissue massages. Opt between Shiatsu and rolling type of massages that covering your upper, lower, or full back. You can also choose to target a single massage point on the back. Some nodes massage the neck, three vibrating intensities for the seat, and there is a heating function that separately activates. It automatically shuts down after 15-minute to protect from damage. If you are around 6’ it will fit perfectly but people around 5’2” can also use it with a pillow underneath. People who like intense back massages should certainly choose this one.

#10 – HoMedics, Shiatsu XL Massage

HoMedics,-Shiatsu-XL-MassageThis massage cushion gives excellent back massages. It offers three different massage intensities with a type of massage for each- for invigorating massages tapping type, for deep muscle massages kneading type, and for gentle massages rolling type. Select any zone such as full back, upper back, lower back, or select any specific point to target. The vibration function combined with the kneading and rolling works wonders and the heat is warm and soothing. It can be comfortably used by different heights between 5’ to 6”. Don’t forget to fix it to a stiff-backed chair and add a pillow or two for adjusting the height and optimising the massage. It is a great massager indeed.

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