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Best Cranksets for Folding Bikes 2022

#01 – Shimano M361 rueda



The Shimano M361 hybrid crankset is a really amazing set of square drive cranks. As its chainrings are bolted and easily removable, you can effortlessly fix it up with spacers. It holds up well after a couple of hundred miles too.

For its price it has great value and is perfect for anyone with a tight budget. Overall, a very easy to set up, smooth, effective product with an excellent value for money. It’s perfect for both first-time as well as expert bikers.


  • Great , Value/performance crankset.
  • Great value product.
  • Shimano crankset for road bike.


  • Cheap, but OK quality.


#02 – SHIMANO Altus



The Shimano Altus FC-M311 can be easily paired with the Shimano UN300 sealed cartridge bottom bracket. The replacement and installation are quite easy.

It shifts more smoothly than the original used to with a quick shift-lever motion.

Install the Altus FC-M311 crankset on any vintage bike, it runs just as good as new. It is very solid and the chain guard helps to protect your pant cuffs.


  • Works GREAT with the Shimano Mega Range
  • Looks the part and well made.
  • Easy to Install and Adjust


  • Cheap! Pay more for better product


#03 – SHIMANO Tourney 


This crankset is a very good investment. The parts of the crankset rightly match the bottom bracket and it is very easy to install with a crank puller.

The cranks are made of aluminum with steel rings. It makes your rides quite smooth and the chain moves from wheel to wheel very fast.

If you want a product with hassle-free installing and smooth functioning and good value for money you should definitely opt for the Shimano Tourney Mountain Bicycle Crank Set. It will not let you down.


  • Great replacement and shift well
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Great value


  • Not worth your money


#04 – Juego de bielas



The cranks look amazing and have good build quality. It requires a pedal size of 9/16″ and a 1/2 x 1/8 chain.

It is burly and lightweight which provides greater strength and safety. It weighs 1.5lbs and is made of an Aluminum alloy and is suitable for track road bikes, single-speed bikes, and fixed-gear bikes.


#05 – SHIMANO Deore XT M8000

SHIMANO Deore XT M8000


Material: Aluminio.
Longitud de jaula: [GS] medio, [SGS) largo
Fabricante garantía: 2 años

The Shimano Deore XT M8000 promises high efficiency and stability, and users seem to agree!

It comes with an efficient power transfer system as well as a highly responsible braking system. It increases the average speed by more than a mile per hour on tight, single tracks.

With a stiff hollow tech design, it looks great. It’s lightweight but solid and feels smooth as well. The only downside is that there’s a smaller collection of chainrings in the 96mm BCD category.

Users love Shimano’s chainrings so much that there’s a demand for more options!


  • Nice Clean Shifts
  • Perfection!
  • 100% recomendado


  • Demo cons here


#06 – SRAM S600 – Juego de bielas



The SRAM S600 crankset is made of forged alloy gets the job done well. The chainrings have dimensions of 42-32-22 with 175 mm cranks. It shifts easily but can be a little heavy though. It performs well in different terrains.

You can use Loctite to ensure that the bolts don’t come apart. The cranks work quite well and get the job done. It is available in pitch black color.


  • Durable, Lighter than what the bike came with.
  • Needed for a conversion.
  • Great Replacement Crankset


  • Works but not Completly satisfied


#07 – Shimano Ultegra 

Shimano Ultegra 


Material: Aluminum
Cage length: [SS] short, [GS] medium
Capacity: [SS] 33T, [GS] 37T
Cassette range: [SS] 11-30T, [GS] 11-34T
Gear: 2 x 11

The Shimano Ultegra R8000 Standard Crankset- 53x39T comes neatly packed in a box. You can fix the cranks quite easily.

With lightweight crank arms and a hollow outer chainring, it looks great and has good quality. It is quite smooth and has reliable and consistent braking.

The shifting is also smooth and flawless. You feel a quick acceleration from stop to start. It is quite effortless both uphill as well as downhill. As a beginner, you will be impressed with its quality and utility.


  • Perfect replacement with my gear set
  • Love it! Great deal!
  • Great performance


  • Demo cons here


#08 – CDHPOWER – Juego de bielas



This crankset consists of forged alloy crank arms with a solid carbon steel chainring. The chainring has a 130mm diameter and is compatible with 9/16 inch pedals.

It would have been better if there had been a guard to prevent your legs from accidentally touching the chain. The crank arms are study and well packed. CDHPOWER offers a 12-month warranty as well.


  • Love it !!!
  • Very nice
  • Looks good, feels good


  • Demo cons here





The cranks are made of Aluminum alloy that ensure that it is lightweight and does not add any extra weight to the bike. From the materials that have been used to the quality threads to the amazing finish-the build quality is wonderful.

The installation is pretty easy too as all the required nuts and bolts are also included. You can use Loctite on the bolts for greater security.

If you want to upgrade or change to a 1x set up without spending a fortune, this set of cranks is quite good.


  • Good product, but it has some quirks
  • Nice low cost set
  • Extremely great quality product


  • Demo cons here


#10 – Retrospec Fixed-Gear



It has a crank arm length of 170mm. The pedal threads can be a bit heavy and full of paint, which might cause trouble while attaching. Thread the pedals backward and then clean the threads thoroughly with steel wool. You can also use a thread chaser on both the pedal and crank-pulling threads.

This also helps to remove the paint. If you are an expert biker you’ll probably figure out how to fix it, but if you’re just starting you might need extra help. However, it looks great and is a nice fit once you figure out how to fix it up.


  • Pedal threads , weight
  • They’re fine. But note


  • No crank bolts included


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