Best Elite Optima Massage Chair Review 2022 – The Elite Optima Massage Chair has been slated as the best buy in premium massage chairs. Equipped with some of the latest massage chair technologies, this massage chair is perfect

Elite Optima Massage Chair Review

Best Elite Optima Massage Chair Review 2022

#01 – Elite Optima silla de masaje

Elite Optima silla de masaje

The Optima is an L-track massage chair. Meaning, the back rollers provide a greater massage coverage area. From the neck to the glutes, your back gets the attention it deserves.

#02 – Special Neck Massage

Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

The neck is one of the points where the tension and stress is concentrated. This massage chair has a specially designed “window” that provides just the right amount of pressure to loosen the knots.

#03 – Heat


The heating function at both the lower back and glutes is a great addition to the massage. The heat soothes and softens the muscles, enhances blood circulation, and gives the rollers greater access to the lower back.

#04 – 3-D Body Scanning Technology

3-D Body Scanning Technology

Once you sit in the chair, it automatically scans and detects your height, weight, and all the pressure points. It then customizes every massage according to the user’s dimensions for optimum benefit.

#05 – Timer


The massage can be set from just 10 minutes to a maximum of 60 minutes. Most of the massage chairs have a time limit of 30 minutes, so if you want a long massage session, just set the timer to its maximum.

#06 – Long-lasting massage chair

Long-lasting massage chair

Long-lasting massage chair. Consumers have used the chair every single day for almost five years without any mechanical problems whatsoever.

Provides strong intense massages. The neck and shoulder massages are awesome. If you want a massage chair that targets and works on all the points in your upper back, this one does it extremely well. It also allows you to reduce the intensity of the massage by flipping down the extra padding to get a milder but effective massage.

#07 – 3-D Body Scanning

3-D Body Scanning

The cushions are soft and comfortable and support a weight of up to 300lbs. Many massage chairs in this price range have a working capacity of around 200lbs. The massage chair simulates the workings of a massage professional. The chair has rolling, kneading, or hammering techniques which you can choose to your liking. You can also choose to target just your feet or choose the Relax option to simply relax. The Bluetooth function not only plays the music of your choice but also plays music in sync with the massage. This way you receive the therapeutic effects of both the music and the massage as well.

#08 – Disadvantages


Initially, the controls can be a bit confusing. But once you begin to experiment and use the chair, you learn to use the controls better and design the massages according to what your body likes/needs which the chair does very well.

#09 – Elite Optima Massage Chair

Elite Optima Massage Chair

The foot and calves massage can get too intense to one’s liking. You can better adjust by wearing socks or shoes.
Considering that other massage chairs provide a lot of massage modes and customization options, it is an area the Elite Optima could improve upon.

#10 – Special Neck Massage

Special Neck Massage

All things considered, the Elite Optima Massage Chair is one of the best massage chairs for its excellent functioning and value. It gives you superb value for your money. The manufacturer also provides a 5-year warranty on parts and labor.
The chair is comfortable and provides first-class massages. You should certainly buy the chair for the quality of its massages and durability.

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