Best Kids Flashlights 2022 – Perhaps playing with a flashlight was not that fascinating for us in childhood; it was just a machine utilized to locate things in the nighttime; that’s all if any 90′ ’80s head is reading this article would agree with me.

Nevertheless, interests changes with time like in today’s generation children prefer to play with gadgets such as phone, iPod, video games, and indeed they love to play with flashlights.

Best Kids Flashlights

Best Kids Flashlights 2022

In my belief, Flashlight is more beneficial and creative toy compares to phones and video games. Children can fiddle with it at night parties, create shadow pictures with hand gestures, read comics and storybooks beneath the blanket on snowy winter days, play around in gardens with a group of friends.

Still, as a parent, you must be cautious while buying a product for your kid because several things have to take care of like its material, sharp objects, harmful chemicals and many other things that may harm your toddler.

After verifying safety factors, you go looking for the prize. There are tons of playthings in the market with such a vast price range. You have to purchase the best at an affordable price, and that’s why you land on this page expecting some useful information to help you buy it. And we promise you not to disappoint you.

Here we are expressly reviewing Flashlight for toddlers. However, several other articles are written on it and some great too. We also do the same here but with some extra information and elaborated explanation on complex features that can help choose the right item at a reasonable price.

#01 – Melissa and Dough Trixie Ladybug Flashlight

Melissa Doug Trixie Ladybug Flashlight


Brand: Melissa & Doug
Item weight: 0.6 Pounds
Item dimensions L x W x H: 8.4 x 20.8 x 26.7 centimetres

Let start with this charming, colorful ladybug-looking Flashlight that comes at a reasonable price delivers a steady spotlight for fun in the dark.

Toddlers have such tiny hands, and if you give them a giant toy, possibly he rejects playing with it. The ladybug flashlight comes with a sturdy and integrated handle it is easy for smalls hand to grip.

As per child expert, playtime is the developing point of any child, and it is vital to the social, cognitive, and physical well-being of children. Melissa and dough Flashlight make your child play outside to engage with other children, helping them grow better socially.

It has been more than 25 years since Melissa and dough are in toy-making business. They are consistently providing innovative products that encouraging open-minded thinking.

This fun-looking Flashlight in ladybug shape is 3 to 7 years old and can be used outdoors and indoors.


  • Trixie the flashlight.
  • They are a cute design size shape and handle is perfect.


  • This is a terrible product and really poorly made.
  • First, it didn’t light up when fully assembled, only when partially assembled and with one of the screws missing.
  • Second, even when it was lit up, the light itslelf was so faint that it was barely noticeable!


#02 – VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight


In play mode: the flashlight tells your little one
Spin the magical: color-changing ring

If I have to purchase a gift for any toddler I will go for Vtech Spin, it’s such a pleasant-looking adorable torchlight that also looks like real torch plus it has a big chunky handle that is easy for your child to carry.

Another feature that pleases me in this Flashlight is that it explains letters and introduces animal and colors when spinning the ring, in addition to this, your toddler can hear 70 songs, melodies, sound and phrase by pressing the cute buttons given on the handle.

VTech focuses on infant learning, and their unique interactive toys develop kid mental and physical abilities by inspiring, engaging and teaching.


  • Not too noisy.
  • Light is great for children, I like that it doesnt stay on to waste batteries and you can press it again to turn it back on.
  • Off Mode, Light Mode & Learning Mode.


  • No volume control.
  • Light does not stay on unless its in light mode & you hold the turtle.
  • Responses have to be quick or the flashlight does something else.


#03 – Kidpale Toddler Flashlight Toy

Kidpale Toddler Flashlight Toy


Item size: 6.3″*5.1″
Package size: 6.3″*4.7″*3.9″

Is your kid not sleeps without listening to lullabies? Then, I highly recommend Kidpale Flashlight with natural sounds, soft music, and special lullabies.  The Flashlight equips you with two volumes option if you want to low or high the theme according to child liking.

Show your kid a starry sky under the ceiling. Kidpale Flashlight’s lamp is covered with circular shape plastic engraved with stars, planets, moon, and numbers, and by turning on, it forms a little universe for your child.

Let’s break a toy myth here that the Flashlight is simply for fun for children. Many fantastic flashlights are available in the market that comes with excellent learning features like the Kidpale Flashlight. Your child can learn cognition of graphic numbers, and gradually, They will also start recognizing the colour by observing it every day.

Children are naughty and mischievous; they always put things in their mouths, some throw their toys if they get angry, so it’s essential to buy premium quality and safely designed toys. The kid paled is a perfect buy-in in that case because it smooth, and it ensures safety.

The unique rocket-shaped toddler projector engages the children captivated for hours, and parents can have their own relaxing time.


  • Great toy!
  • Good for the price.
  • Great Christmas gift for toddlers.


  • It sadly didn’t last.
  • This toy would be so much better if it weren’t so loud.


#04 – Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp

Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp


Color: Black
Light Source Type: LED
Brand: Princeton Tec
Brightness: 70 Lumen
Style: 70 Lumens

We must have encountered one problem: we sometimes forgot the Flashlight at a place where we have the last place it since we carry loads of stuff while going on an outing; hence buy a headlamp would be a smart choice. Kids can also enjoy this compact and lightweight Flashlight.

Let’s see what it has to offer; first, it’s equipped with a lockout mode and asymmetrical single arm bucket, two triple-A batteries supplying power, and emits a maximum of 50 lumens for up to 80 hours. It’s a waterproof device, but please make sure it won’t submerge for a more extended period in water.

This made in USA products is adjustable, and the lightweight design is ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. The kids can also practice this in their nighttime reading and for other fun exercises. The Flashlight extends red and white LEDs you can use according to your liking.


  • A great product for running in the early morning!
  • It is light weight and reasonable bright and has a red light for the night mode.
  • A tried and true staple of my gear!


  • Works and is fairly functional.
  • Bad Buy.


#05 – Portable night Light Lantern

Portable night Light Lantern


Color: Dandelion
Light Source Type: LED
Power Source: Battery Powered
Shade Material: Plastic
Switch Type: Dimmer

If your little one love lanterns, then it’s time to buy one for him/her. This portable night light lantern is likewise well suited for those who often go for night outing and camping.

This splendid looking lantern offers soft and dim lights and creates a more relaxed surrounding in your kid’s bedroom if he or she does not like complete darkness while napping, you can fasten this lantern in there and make them comfortable. One point is to mention here is it does not have an auto shut-off feature.

A flashlight is supposed to a lightweight machine since we always have to carry it during the night activities. This lantern comes with a lightweight design proper for transport anywhere in the room or even for travel.

Lantern demands some extra care, of course, if it falls from a height then most probably it breaks. So make sure you fix it properly.


  • Nice quality, bright and well loved!
  • Grat for the Kids Camping.
  • Cute & fun lantern!


  • We bought this for our daughter as a night companion to keep the shadows away while she reads at night.
  • Not for toddlers.


#06 – Dorcy 41-2521

Dorcy 41-2521


Power Source: Battery Powered
Color: Bright Yellow
Light Source Type: LED
Brand: Dorcy
Material: Rubber

One durable and super bright Flashlight is essential while going camping or hiking with your children. This particular flashlight work wonders the reason for saying this because it’s very enduring. It won’t easily break even if your kid drops this by a blunder in the water. In addition to this, its rugged design provides more sustainability and durability.

If you are looking Flashlight mostly for hiking and camping purpose, then Dorcy is one for you it comes with four super bright LED  bulbs providing 55 lumens light output.

One useful feature that made me shortlist this product is its built-in tail cap carabineer which enables your kid to effortlessly attach to their belt or backpack so that the fear of losing it will be lesser. Shock-absorbing rubber coating delivers a comfortable and tight grip.

Dorcy contains 3AA batteries gives a super light brightness while you on camping or hiking; your kid also use it while walking at night.


  • Excellent and bright, waterproof flashlight.
  • Good emergency light to use inside or just outside your house.


  • Brighter, but otherwise a mirror of their original much cheaper flashlight.
  • This is not waterproof!


#07 – DX DA XIN kids Head Torch LED Headlamp Flashlight

DX DA XIN kids Head Torch LED Headlamp Flashlight


Material: ‎Plastic
Pattern: 4-modes

The most striking and funky looking Flashlight on this list is DX DA XIN kids Head Torch.  It designed to look like an owl, this creatively designed headlamp is fascinating, there is one button on owl nose to change different mode light and other switches at jaw for owl hooting and light strobing.

It provides three illumination modes with steady brightness light mode, other is constant strobing light, and one is a colorful LED, regular strobing mode. Bright headlight and adjustable headband provide comfortability, the suitable gripping adjustable buckle fit well not just on kids head but also ideal for adults.

The LED Flashlight powered by 3 AAA batteries is an excellent headlamp for exploring the backyard, campground and basement.

Wearing the Flashlight with your kids to reading or have some camping experiences to flattering your parent-child bond. Wearing Owl headlamp to do ventures with parents could open their creativity and learn a different experience.

This Flashlight serves wonder for a night light, camping, parties, night run, exploring and reading.


  • What a hoot! Perfect for kids outdoor play.
  • Very bright!
  • Best headlamps for kids!


  • This is amazing for any kid. I use it all the time running out to the barn.


#08 – Blitzu LED Headlamp

Blitzu LED Headlamp


Light Source Type: LED
Number of Batteries: 3 AAA batteries required.

This one is another Wonderful headlamp for toddlers, though it is not as cute as that one owl looking headlamp, it more functional

Just fasten to your head and do your favorite activities without troubling your hand. One outstanding feature that I want to specify here is that it comes with seven modes of flashlights, low, medium, high, flashing, solid red and flashing red you can use according to your liking and situations.

This headlight is excellent for toddlers; it is quite durable and is made to withstand and active toddler or child. You can also borrow this headlamp from your kid in case you lost or break yours. It’s well-suited and useful for running, jogging, hiking, biking, camping and walking your dog at night.

The ultra-secure headband that won’t loose easily or flop around, its lightweight design provides comfort, and an adjustable beam angle makes your job easy to handle it.

I like the most in this lamp because you can tilt the lamp’s angle to light up 45 degrees to light up the significant area of the path.

It is a Completely child-oriented headlamp, made of durable, non-toxic material. The straps are super comfortable and fashionable suitable for adult and kids.


#09 – Vtech Pj Masks Super Learning flashlight

Vtech Pj Masks Super Learning flashlight


Batteries: 2 AAA batteries

Concerning all the fan of Nick Jr. show, this is the Flashlight you likely buy most, and it is super cool learning flashlight for toddlers because they can hear the voices of Gekko, Owelette, and catboy.

Being a parent, you always discover how to teach in a creative manner so that they don’t get bored quickly if this is the case with you; I must recommend this excellent Flashlight. There are many things to learn, such as colours, number rhyming, and trivia for them to play—moreover, the light project nine different images from PJ Mask show.

Possibly you get the idea that this Flashlight is not functional enough for the practical use, but it’s an excellent flashlight for your little one who has been demanding Flashlight for many days, so its time to buy them one.


  • Nice learning toy but very fragile.
  • Fun Flashlight
  • Great for Nighttime scares.


  • Waste money.
  • Broken almost immediately.


#10 – John Deere Tractor Flashlight

John Deere Tractor Flashlight


TRACTOR TOY WITH FLASHLIGHT: A funny noise machine
BATTERY POWERED: Runs on 3 AAA batteries

Ignite showing some fun farming adventures with john tractor flashlight

Yes, this not complete Flashlight but I could not resist bringing to the table it’s pretty adorable, especially for the young kid above 18 months you can consider this one.

It truck with a headlamp at the rear and its wheels are also functional so that your kid can push the truck around the house using the light show the way. The truck has an auto shut off features enable your kid to enjoy for hours to play. AA battery ensures the fun start right away.

This truck would be great entertainment for your kid, and it is also useful for camping and outdoor activities.


  • Cute little flashlight.
  • Perfect Gift for your Favorite Guy!
  • Kids will love it. It makes a little noise.


  • The name is misleading. This is a toy that flashes light, but can’t be called a flashlight.
  • Not a flashlight/lid doesnt close.
  • Faulty and cheaply made.




Flashlights are fantastic entertainment for kids; it seems a magical instrument for them, letting them play with flashlights to improve creativity and enhance innovations.

Children have always been curious about everything they see around them. They ever need something to explore, therefore providing some interesting toy such as Flashlight will open the new path for them to explore. Keeping all these things in our account, we came with those 10 flashlights for your toddler, and we wish you will find this article informative and helpful. We worked our best to deliver the most desirable and unique products to the table.

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