10 Best Massage Chair Brands of 2022 – Choose a massage chair for your home or office from the best massage chairs offered by some of the best brands in the market. Here’s our pick of the.

Best Massage Chair Brand

Best Massage Chair Brand 2022

#01 – RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Shiatsu Massage Chair


Furniture base movement: Glide
Color: Charcoal
Material: Alloy Steel, Leather
Furniture Finish: Leather
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 280 Pounds

The MK-II Plus RelaxOnChair has four auto massage programs, three types of targeted massages-tapping, kneading, and combo, three massage speeds, and three levels of airbag intensity. The zero-gravity feature elevates the feet to the same level as the heart, enhancing the quality of massage.

It has full-body stretching and deep tissue massage functions and the lower back heating function works wonders. The leg massage can get intense, but it is nothing a padded towel won’t soothe. The customer support is prompt and smooth and you can contact them if you have any worries with the instructions.

The most essential thing We have to mention is that the customer service is FANTASTIC. The transportation firm had damaged the chair, which was obvious when it arrived.

When We phoned customer support, the representative walked me through how to refuse the purchase and have the chair returned to me with the delivery vehicle. The customer support representative handled everything flawlessly, and a replacement chair arrived in less than a week. They were fantastic in a tense circumstance.


  • My husband put it together easily. Basically one piece needs to be attached.
  • Let’s be honest, these chairs are bulky and not terribly attractive but compared to some I considered, not all that bad.
  • As a stand alone chair, it’s comfortable. In reclining position even more so.


  • The foot massagers – yeesh! I thought reviewers had overly sensitive feet but no, even with socks on I eventually have to pull my feet out.
  • I can’t feel the heating function at all.
  • The neck support could be better and there is very little massage action in the neck area at all.


#02 – Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair


Color: Black
Material: Polyurethane
Item Weight: 250 Pounds
Brand: Titan Chair
Style: No add-ons

Osaki’s Massage chair provides air pressure massages for your shoulders, arms, hips, and legs. It gives mild massages to the feet and calves and has a vibrating seat. It also has a two-stage zero-gravity feature with different recline levels.

You can customize your massage with five levels of intensity and speed using a remote control. The chair can be used for an hour at a time and you can set an auto timer of 5-30. The chair is quite heavy and requires two people to assemble and shift. It will fit people less than 5’6″ very well.

We adore the zero gravity and how comfy it is. The options are fantastic, however We think it could need another 1 or 2 degrees of intensity, but my hubby prefers it that way, so We simply think We can tolerate more haha. We sat in it for an hour the first night and couldn’t get out. On the negative side, putting the side arms on was a major hassle since the screws had to go in places that were too tight to work with.

We’ve had it for almost a year and everyone who comes over uses it for hours, however I don’t believe it was designed for tall people.


  • Great deal if you’re patient.
  • Expectations Far Exceeded
  • Price is right! Very comfortable


  • No foot massage, has balls for foot massage, but they don’t move.
  • No but massage rollers, only vibration.
  • You can’t use over 60 min because it needs a cool down period.


#03 – Mecor Massage Recliner Chair


Furniture base movement: Swivel
Room Type: Living Room
Form Factor: Recliner
Material: Faux Leather

Mecor’s swiveling massage recliner chair has two cup holders and three pockets for storage. The 5 automatic modes, heating, and seat vibration functions enhance the massage quality and provide a full-body massage.

The chair is large and very comfortable and is suitable for people up to 6’5”. Assembling the chair is very quick and easy and can be done without any extra tools. You will like the chair if you like vibrating massages.

My son-in-law was able to put the chair together by himself. The lift is fantastic, and the chair is quite comfy. It’s a lot easier to get on and off now. My back and shoulders are more relaxed as a result of the massage and heat. It’s also simple to clean.

This is a wonderfully relaxing chair. My main issue is that with two artificial knees, locking the leg rest in the storage position is difficult. We have to gently stand up and push it back into the locked position after pushing it back as far as it will go.


  • Rocks, comfortable enough, rotates, can rip the head off of it to freak people out.


  • Hard push recline back in, seems to drift it’s rotation while shifting around in seat.
  • Nothing worth removing a star so far. Did have to make sure power cord can’t come undone easy on the inside.


#04 – HoMedics, Shiatsu


Color: Brown
Brand: Homedics
Material: Other
Power Source: Corded Electric

HoMedics massage cushion has three styles for different massage intensities- Tapping for invigorating massages, Kneading for deep muscle massages, and Rolling for gentle massages. You can choose the area of massage such as the upper back, lower back, full back, or choose a particular point on the back.

The heat option is warm and pleasant and the vibration combined with rolling and kneading is excellent. It works well for people of different heights from 5’ to 6”. Attach it to a stiff-backed chair and add a pillow or two if required. A great buy for its excellent back massages.

This gadget has become a need in my life! In a slightly reclined position, the massage pressure is ideal. Though I don’t use it frequently, the vibration works nicely, and the heating mechanism is excellent!

We already know We’ll have to buy another one when this tiny massager dies, which hopefully won’t be for a few years, because the pain relief this little gadget provides is incredible! We have an autoimmune illness that causes inflammation in my neck, upper/lower back, and other parts of my body, causing discomfort that comes and goes.


  • Great massage!
  • Worth It!
  • The massage mechanism feels like the world’s most powerful thumbs kneading my sore muscles, including some in my back that I didn’t even know I had.


  • Sloppy construction. I can’t believe this thing passed any inspections.
  • Stupidly short power cord, requiring the use of potentially hazardous extension cords.
  • Very difficult to position behind your back.


#05 – INADA DreamWave Massage Chair


Color: Brown
Brand: Osaki
Style: Mission

Inada’s Dreamwave Massage Chair comes with a body scanning technology that identifies the shiatsu points and customizes every massage to the user’s profile. The chair has air cells that provide rhythmic compressions on the calves, feet, and soles of the feet.

It also has lower back and seat heating which improves the massage. You can choose from 16 automatic massage modes or 1000 different massage combinations to personalize your massage. If you want to customize your massage down to a T, you should check out this massage chair.


  • Used multiple times a day. Massages are great, reliability is excellent.


  • Rhythmic


#06 – Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair


Furniture base movement: Swivel
Color: Brown
Form Factor: Recliner
Material: Wood, Suede, Fabric
Furniture Finish: Wood

This Relaxzen swiveling recliner massage chair has eight vibration massage motors that work on the upper back, lower back, thighs, and calves. You can eight individual massage areas or 9 automatic modes that have 5 levels of intensity. The waist heating is soothing and noticeable.

You may have slight difficulties assembling the chair if you do not have the proper tools to assemble it.

The chair is sturdy, soft, and comfortable, and built for average-sized persons. The vibrators can get very loud and is not suitable for homes with hardwood floors. If you want a recliner that is also a good massage chair, pick this one.


  • Super easy to put together (45min).
  • Comfy microfiber.
  • Massagers/Vibrators lol whatever you wanna call them..feel good to me. Especially after a long day of work.


  • Don’t waste your time.
  • Not a bad chair for the money
  • Not too comfortable.


#07 – iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair


Color: Black
Material: Microfiber
Furniture Finish: Black
Item Weight: 88 Pounds
Brand: Human Touch

This Human Touch massage chair has three different programmed massages of 15 minutes each- neck and shoulder relief, back refresh, and lower back release. The recline function in the chair further adds to enhancing the effectiveness of the massage.

The control panel is in-built and you don’t have to worry about losing the remote. The chair has a cup holder and an auxiliary power outlet to charge low-power devices. The chair is comfortable and can be used while watching TV or playing games. It is quite low and is best suited for those under 5’4.


  • Nice for the price, but could be better
  • Excellent chair for the money
  • Five Stars


  • The chair looks even better in person than it does in the picture


#08 – Zyllion Shiatsu


Color: Black
Brand: Zyllion
Material: Human hands
Power Source: AC

Zyllion’s Massager Cushion is excellent for deep tissue massages. The Shiatsu or rolling massage covers your upper, lower, or full back. You can also personalize your massage by selecting a particular spot.

The massaging cushion has specific nodes that massage the neck, 3 seat vibrating levels, and a heating feature that is separately activated. It is also equipped with a 15-minute turn-off feature that helps in damage protection and energy conservation. If you are around 6’ it will fit perfectly. But use it with a pillow or two underneath if you are around 5’2”. It has amazing features and gives excellent massages.


  • Love this Massager!
  • Durable and good quality
  • Reasonably priced and usable


  • I do wish the neck massager was angled to get my shoulder muscles and traps better.
  • Uncomfortable, painful and does not reach neck.


#09 – Folding Shiatsu Massage Chair


Color: Brown
Brand: Silvox
Material: Leather
Power Source: Corded Electric

This folding massage chair recliner has wheels that facilitate easy movement from place to place. You can choose from- pounding, kneading, and compression- massages. The control panel located at the right armrest allows you to select various options and customize the massage.

The Bluetooth connectivity functions quite well with amazing sound quality. The charging port can be used to charge phones or tablets. The seat is comfortable and is best suited for average to smaller-sized people. This massage chair provides soothing massages at a low price.


  • Massage chair
  • The BEST Massage Ever!
  • The best chair in my house.


  • Poor customer service
  • No assembly required!
  • Not A Happy Customer


#10 – Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair


Color: Black
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 400 Pounds
Brand: Real Relax
Style: Modern
Frame Material: Iron

The working of rollers and airbags on your feet is soothing after a long day standing. The Bluetooth function allows you to listen to the music of your choice and enjoy a relaxing massage session. The zero-gravity, automatic massage, lower-back heating, and foot massage modes contribute to a fulfilling full-body massage.

The massage chair has wheels at the back which help in smooth movement between places. It comes with extendable footrests and is ideal for people over 6’. It has great functioning and advanced features for quite a low price.


  • The inflation compression was something i was skeptical about but it feels amazing!!
  • The Zero G is very comfortable and the massage is very enjoyable and relaxing.
  • This thing is very inexpensive comparably and worth every penny.


  • The foot massager makes my feet hurt. Luckily, you can turn it off with the push of a button.
  • The calf heat is too intense. The heater in the back is great! But I can’t take the heat in the calf area.
  • The lower back massage is deep. When we first got the chair, it bruised our lower backs.


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