Best Massage Chairs Under $3000 of 2022 – Go through our carefully crafted list of The and choose one that matches your ideal massage chair that has all the features you have been looking for.

Best Massage Chairs Under $3000

Best Massage Chairs Under $3000 of 2022

#01 – RELAXONCHAIR Shiatsu Massage Chair 



Material: Faux Leather
Furniture Finish: Leather
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds

This massage chair has four automatic programs, three massage types -tapping, kneading, and a combination of the two, three different massage speeds, and three airbag intensity levels.

The zero-gravity recline elevates the feet to the same height as the heart to enhance the effectiveness of the massage.

The deep tissue massage, and full-body stretching functions, and lower back heating functions are wonderful. Add a towel or wear socks to soothe the impact of the massage rollers.

You can contact customer support if you have any queries about the setup instructions.


#02 – STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair


This massage chair has a working capacity of less than 300lbs and is best suited for people under 6’3”.

All the cushions are firm except for the face cushion.

The installation is a bit time-consuming but once done, it is sturdy and strong.

The carbon frames and the cushion pads can be easily removed and replaced.

There is a storage pouch that can be used to store creams, lotions, magazines, or remotes.

Once the need has been met, it folds compactly and saves any storage space.


  • A Great chair if you manage avoiding a defective one
  • This is a very nice and functional chair
  • Strong Durable Executives Love it


  • Squeaky, screws loose, but comfy
  • Don’t waste money on cheap chairs buy this instead.
  • Durability


#03 – Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair



Color: Black
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 650 Pounds
Item Weight: 33 Pounds
Brand: Master Massage
Frame Material: Aluminum

This Portable Massage Chair is light, sturdy, and easily set up. The aluminum frame as well as the cushions can be readjusted.

The chair has a very wide seat that accommodates people of various sizes. The storage pouch can be used for storing any accessories.

It is water and oil resistant and can be easily cleaned. The luggage-style case has convenient mobility.

The chair accommodates a working weight of around 600lbs.

This chair gives great value to massage therapists who deal with many clients on a daily basis.


#04 – EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair


Form Factor: Recliner
Material: Aluminum
Back Style: Open Back
Sport Type: Excercise & Fitness

The super-light carbon frame combined with the PU foam cushions make the Earthlite Portable Massage Chair light but sturdy.

The cushions and pads are readily removable and easy to clean. The face cradle, chest pad, and armrests can be adjusted to the user’s comfort.

There is also a storage pouch where bottles, remotes, and phones can be stored.

It folds completely and can be stored and carried in the nylon trolley case with wheels.


  • Perfect In Every Way!
  • Best chair ever!
  • Light, comfortable and sturdy.


  • Not as good as they used to be


#05 – Panasonic EP-MA73KU Real Pro


Material: Ceramic
Item Weight: 218 Pounds
Brand: Panasonic

This luxury massage chair has ten kneading massage techniques, six pre-programmed massage modes, and one hundred and ten manual massage combinations for you to select from.

It has thermal multi-directional rollers which provide the added element of heat to the neck, shoulder, and back massages.

The Shiatsu thermal rollers at the feet provide warm and soothing leg massages.

Its exceptional features justify its price and you should definitely check it out.


  • Very good chair, Not a very good controller.
  • Great, massaging chairs are good


  • Most expensive uncomfortable chair I have ever had.


#06 – Titan TPPRO8400D Model


Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds
Brand: Titan

The Titan chair’s L-Track function provides better body coverage.

The body scanning function detects the acupressure points and personalizes every massage to the body type.

The zero gravity feature, foot rollers, arm and hand massager, calf and foot massager, and feet rollers combine to provide an intense full body massage.

The chair’s space-saving technology ensures that it requires very less reclining space.


  • This has been a most useful part of an old Marines daily life now.
  • Five Stars


  • Demo cons here


#07 – Luraco Medical Massage Chair


Form Factor: Recliner
Material: Wood, Electronics, Leather, Plastic, Metal, Fabric
Furniture Finish: Chocolate
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds

Most technically up to date, speedy-responding, heavy-duty, and smart hand-held contact-display manage.

Same platform as in Smartphones -patent pending.


  • Great chair
  • Amazing and worth every penny




#08 – Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair


Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair
Style: Modern
Frame Material: Alloy Steel

Kahuna SM-7300 built newly designed SL-tune with 6 rollers gadget and air-cellular rubdown device and advanced foot rub down technology with heating therapy system.


  • Love my chair
  • A great chair with alot of massage options
  • Great so far


  • Not impressed with unit for price.


#09 – uKnead Lavita Massage Chair


Material: Leather
Item Weight: 218 Pounds
Brand: Generic
Style: No add-ons

The L-Track massage technology causes the rollers to cover a greater area-the rollers start at the neck, roll down the back along the spine, cover the buttocks, and go down to the thighs.

The air cells envelop the body parts and provide gentle but firm pressure throughout.

You can choose among the four pre-programmed modes or select the massage type and intensity.

The calf and foot rollers provide a deep kneading massage to your legs.

The chair’s zero-gravity feature leaves you feeling weightless and supplements the quality of your massage.


#10 – Titan TI-7700R


This Titan Massage Chair’s L-Track design ensures that you get greater coverage from the neck to the glutes.

The body scanning technology targets the pressure points and designs the massage according to the user’s body.

You can choose any of the six pre-programmed massage modes or customize the massage by selecting a massage type and massage spot.

The lower back heating is mild and the foot rollers perform a wonderful job on your feet. The lower back massage can get intense, so just add a towel or two for cushioning.

The chair is good-looking but bulky and requires a significant amount of space.


  • Reasonably well made
  • Feel great after each session
  • L track is great for gluteous and upper thigh


  • Chair is big and heavy and needs some space
  • Massage is a bit too strong at the lower back area. We had to add a pillow
  • When fully reclined, your arms cannot reach the massage area



Here’s how we chose our selection of Massage Chairs:

Price: Our selection of massage chairs all have excellent value for money. We understand that many are skeptical about spending significant amounts of money on massage chairs and hence we have chosen only those products which provide you optimum benefit.
Reviews: Who better to ask about a product than those who have already used it? We scoured through hundreds of reviews and weighed the pros and cons of each product so that you *know* the product you are buying.

Brands: We ensured that you can choose from the best brands in the market. All the chosen brands offer various features that are essential in a massage chair. With technologies like zero-gravity and Bluetooth connectivity, you can’t go wrong.

While buying a massage chair, the buyer should make sure that it is equipped with the following features:
Heat in the right circumstances can work wonders. It helps to reduce swelling and improve the blood flow in that region. Some massage chairs have the ability to heat just one area while others can heat multiple areas. So choose one according to your needs.
Make sure that the massage chair is suitable for the intended user. Some chairs come equipped with extendable footrests which are apt for tall people. So, if you are over 5’10’’ look for a massage chair that comes with extendable footrests.
With the press of a button, you can choose the speed, intensity, area, and duration of the massage. Massage chairs are equipped with automatic programs that allow the user to select the type of massage according to their needs. Some massage chairs focus more on the lower back while some may give greater care to the calves and the feet. So, make sure that you choose one that best suits your needs and can be customized.
Massage chairs offer various types of massages such as Shiatsu which replicates the hands of a masseuse, Percussion or a deep tissue massage, Kneading which relieves tension with pressure, and Compression which uses airbags to apply pressure. All these function differently and have different benefits. So choose one that meets all your specific massage requirements. So choose one that meets all your specific massage requirements.

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