Best Massage Chairs under $5000 2022 – Looking for massage chairs under $5000? Make sure they have all your desired features and some more! Choose from our pick of The 10 Best Massage Chairs under $5000

Best Massage Chairs under $5000

Best Massage Chairs under $5000 2022

#01 – Osaki Omni Massage Chair


Color: Beige
Material: Leather
Item Weight: 300 Pounds
Brand: Osaki

This L-Track massage chair in this chair covers a greater portion of your body from the neck to the buttocks.

There are two zero-gravity stages with different reclines and the second elevates the legs higher than the heart.

You can personalize your massage using the remote to alter the massage type, speed, intensity, and area of massage.

The foot rollers are great and the footrests can be extended to fit different users. The Bluetooth and heating functions are great additions as well.

The price also includes a White Glove delivery and assembly.


#02 – Elite Aphasonic Massage Chair


Color: Grey
Material: Wood, Metal
Item Weight: 209 Pounds
Brand: Elite

The Elite Alphasonic Massage Chair has soft synthetic leather which maximizes your comfort.

A specially designed massage program along with audio simulation, the Braintronics technology synchronizes the brain waves to augment the benefits of the massage.

The chair has a zero-space recline, zero-gravity functions, lower back stretch, and heating, and full-body acupressure features, which combined with the L-track design provides a wonderful full-body massage experience.

The manufacturer also offers a five-year unlimited warranty including a one-year in-house service with shipping.


#03 – OSAKI OS-4000LS Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair


Material: Polyurethane
Furniture Finish: Black
Item Weight: 250 Pounds
Brand: Titan

The Body Scan technology locates pressure points and personalizes the massage according to the user.

The L-track style induces the massage rollers to work from the neck, down the spine, over the glutes, down to the bottom of the thighs.

Apart from the rollers, there are 24 airbags, a zero gravity-feature, adjustable shoulder massages, customizable massage modes and intensities, foot rollers, and USB charging.

The assembly is pretty simple and you can watch the YouTube video for instructions.

The covers for the foot rollers cannot be removed so don’t forget to wear socks. This massage chair is ideal for small to medium-sized people.


  • For the very reasonable price of$2,000.


  • No hamstring or quad massage.
  • No upper shoulder massage.
  • No forearm massage.


#04 – Osaki OS-PRO SOHO Massage Chair

Osaki OS-PRO SOHO Massage Chair


Material: Leather
Item Weight: 350 Pounds
Brand: Osaki

The Osaki OS-Pro Soho has five manual settings and six pre-programmed massage options – Neck/Shoulder, Strengthen, Thai, Recover, Relax, and Sleep options.

The zero gravity option provides a deep tissue massage while reducing the stress of gravity on your spine.

The footrests can be extended up to 6.25 inches and the shoulder width and can also be adjusted to accommodate various users.

The spinning reflexology massagers provide a kneading style massage to the soles of your feet. The chair can also be used as a recliner by rotating the ottoman into the chair which hides the foot massagers.

There is also a white glove delivery with the purchase of this chair.


  • Nice chair
  • Very relaxed & excellent massage chair!
  • Great Product


  • Only big enough for Very small people


#05 – New Fujita DRS11 4D Full Body Massage Chair


This Fujita massage chair has a wide seat that accommodates people of all sizes. The footrests can also be extended and adjusted to rightly fit every user.

The Body Scanning feature customizes every massage based on the user’s height and weight.

The chair has 16 pre-programmed modes, a complete recline option, stretching options, 7 massage intensities, and 5 air pressure adjustments.

You can personalize your massage with the remote and also create massage programs that can be used every time.


#06 – Kagra – Designed in Japan 4D Premium Massage Chair


Item Weight: 211.6 Pounds
Brand: Synca Wellness
Style: Japanese

Synca Wellness’ Kagra Premium Massage Chair has 78 massage techniques and a special stretching software.

The stretching programs provide a deep stretching massage to the body part of your choice- the neck, back, lower back, waist, thighs, and calves.

There is a wireless Bluetooth system, zero gravity option, shiatsu foot massages, neck massages, and heating features at the lower back, feet, and calves.

You can build three massage programs of your own and modify the features according to your liking.

The chair is well designed and comfortable for regular use as well. Convert it into a recliner chair with the help of the reversible Ottoman in just a few seconds.


  • Absolutely fantastic!
  • A relex helper for busy life just like you and me.


  • Demo cons here


#07 – Ogawa Touch 3D Massage Chair


Furniture base movement: Glide
Brand: Ogawa
Style: Japanese
Model Name: Touch 3D

Zero gravity, multi-layered airbags, Shiatsu foot rollers, customizable massages, double body scan,

Thai stretching are some of the features of the Ogawa Touch 3D massage chair.

There are eight automatic massage modes and six massage intensities you can choose from. Mild, intense, or anywhere in between- you can pick any intensity you like.

The Thai stretching option provides pulling, rocking, stretching, or compression techniques that stretch your arm, knee, back, or lower back.

The lower back heating is great for enhancing the massage. The Bluetooth speakers work well and complement the massage session well.


#08 –  Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair


Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair
Style: Modern
Frame Material: Alloy Steel

This massage chair has five pre-programmed modes- Pain Relief, Yoga Stretching, Fast Recovery, Athlete, and Relaxation.

There are four special modes-Senior, Office, Golfer, and Dynamic-which provide distinct massages in zero-gravity recline.

All these different modes can be used based on the user’s needs and requirements. You can also choose the type of massage such as tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, or kneading on any body part or point of your choice.

It is ideal for those under 6’5” and those weighing less than 225lbs.


  • Love my chair
  • Great so far
  • Well worth the money!


  • Not impressed with unit for price.


#09 – INADA HCP-S373 (BR) Flex 3s Massage Chair


Item Weight: 165.35 Pounds
Brand: Inada
Style: Traditional

This chair provides deep kneading massages and stretches for a wonderful massage experience from head to toe.

This massage chair’s workings and techniques have been targeted for improving body posture and inducing deep breathing exercises.

It has heaters that warm fingers and toes. You can completely customize your full-body massage/stretch experience.

If you want a massage chair that provides rolling massages, air massages, and stretching massages, this one is great.


  • Best Chair Ever
  • Super Happy with my Decision


  • Warm fingers and toes


#10 – ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair


Color: Beige
Brand: Ideal Massage
Frame Material: Alloy Steel

This Ideal recliner massage chair has a body scanning technology, three zero-gravity options, ten automatic massage modes, six massage types, rollers at the feet, and a lower back heating feature that provide a complete full-body massage session.

The shoulder bags hold you in position while the rollers work on your back.

The massage rollers at the back begin at the neck and roll down to the lower back.

The airbags at the calves have a firm grip and the massaging balls at the feet push up to the soles of the feet.

The heating function is warm and effective. The chair has wheels at the bottom which facilitate smooth movement. All in all, a good massage chair.


  • Great price!
  • It does help to loosen up my back.


  • Very LOUD! It makes this irritating vibration noise.
  • There is no support for your neck. After 15 minutes, your neck starts to ache.


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