Best Massagers of 2022 under $500 – From recliner massage chairs for the elderly to gaming chairs for adults and to massage cushions for regular use, choose from our list of The that is best suited for your needs.


Best Massagers of 2022 under $500

#01 – Homegear PU Leather Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair


Colour: Brown
Form factor: Recliner
Material: Plywood
Furniture finish: Leather
Maximum recommended weight: 330 Pounds

This Homegear chair has a power lift that moves the chair forward and up which helps those who face difficulties sitting down or getting up from chairs.

The chair has a 150o recline, 5 massage modes, 8 vibration motors, and 2 massage intensities.

The lower back heating is mild and can be used without the massage function too. There are 3 timer settings with a maximum setting of 30 minutes.

The massage chair also has two storage pouches for storing phones, remotes, books, or bottles.


  • You Won’t Find a Better Value!
  • Great chair
  • Great chair, great price, quick shipment!


  • Don’t waste your money


#02 – PU Leather Pad


Material: Faux Leather
Size: L
Mark: BUBM
Shape: Rectangular

This Portable Massage Chair has an adjustable Aluminium frame with soft foam cushions.

The face cradle, armrests, and chest pad are all removable and adjustable according to comfort. The seat can be adjusted for height and convenience.

Once it has been used it can be folded and placed in the carry bag and carried easily.

It can be assembled without the help of any tools. The chair weighs 20lbs and has a capacity of around 300lbs.


  • Looks great!
  • Great Quality!
  • Very sturdy


  • Honestly was really disappointed with this product.


#03 – NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair


Material: Vinyl, Aluminum
Maximum recommended weight: 300 Pounds
Item Weight: 18 Pounds
Mark: NRG

The NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair is compact and lightweight. The carry case is sturdy and useful.

The seat, armrests, chest pad, and head supports have 2 inches of foam, which is firm yet comfortable.

The upholstery is dirt, oil, and water-resistant, and easy to clean. The chair can be used by professionals at home, in salons, on the road, or at tattoo parlors.


#04 – Healgen Back Massage Gaming Chair


The Healgen Back Massage Gaming Chair is apt for people who spend many hours gaming or working. The seat, armrests, and footrests are all adjustable by the user.

The chair has a 360o swivel and 90-155o recline as well. It consists of an integrated metal frame, fade-resistant PVC leather cushions, and five caster wheels for smooth, scratch-free mobility.

The back massager gives a buzzing vibrating type of massage. The chair has an adjustable height of up to 3.15 inches and fits people around 6 feet and 200lbs quite well.


  • Comfy, I can sit on it all day as I do my work at home.
  • Adjustability feels nice.
  • Good colors to choose from.


  • Some minor typos in the assembly manual can throw you off.
  • One of the pictures in the assembly manual looks a little janky, so you need to use common sense to get through that part.
  • Footrest is better-suited for short people, so it’s not useful for me.


#05 – Giantex Sofa

Giantex Sofa Heating Set and 8 Vibrating Modes


This Giantex recliner chair has 8 vibrating massage modes with different levels of intensity. The lower back heating is warm and soothing and works quite well.

The chair can be reclined almost to 180o or any position in between. The cushions have good dense foam that is firm but extremely comfortable.

There is a side pouch for storing remotes, books, or phones, which is quite roomy. The chair is best suited for people under 5’9” weighing less than 200lbs.

But if you are taller than 5’7” and have wide hips, you might want to skip this one as it might be a tight fit.


  • Great for smaller spaces
  • Cheap and not recommended at all!


  • Not comfy for more than about 45 min


#06 – Giantex Electric Heated Massage Faux


Form factor: Recliner
Material: PU + iron + sponge
Furniture finish: Black
Maximum recommended weight: 330 Pounds

This massage chair has a power lift that makes sitting down and getting up from the chair very easy without any stress to the back or knees.

It has a four-point massage system- 2 in the back and 2 in the lower back. There are 8 automatic vibrating massage modes with two levels of intensities that can be chosen using the remote control.

The massage function is mild and light and just right for the elderly. The chair is small with a narrow seat width and is ideal for people around 5’10” who weigh around 330 Pounds.


  • Great chair
  • Great low profile and slim recliner
  • I would recommend this chair


  • Not durable


#07 – Rio Portable Folding Massage Chair


This Portable Massage Chair has an Aluminium frame that is solid and sturdy.

It is a bit heavier than some portable chairs but this one has wheels for easy mobility. It has two handles-one on top and the other at the side.

All the face and cushion pads can be adjusted to accommodate people of different sizes.

The headrest is firm and has two supports that hold it in place. The chair folds completely and can be wheeled in a trolley case.

It has been tested to support a working weight of up to 600lbs. The chair is ideal for therapists who have to travel a lot for work.


  • Seems solidly built.
  • Feels solid and secure — no squeaks or shaking.


  • The seat has only one height.
  • The chest support can slide forward and back, but no height adjustment.
  • The knee rest’s angle can’t be adjusted.


#08 – U-MAX Massage Recliner Chair


Form factor: Recliner
Material: Fake leather
Furniture finish: Black
Maximum recommended weight: 330 Pounds

The U-MAX recliner massage chair has a 130o recline and needs to be placed at least 17 inches ahead of the wall. The electric-powered lift works safely.

There are two remotes to operate the various functions. One remote is for lift, recline, and footrest, while the other is for the various massage modes.

It has 5 types of modes-wave, pulse, press, auto, and normal that can be targeted on the upper back, lower back, thighs, and calves.

There is a heating function for the lower back as well. The chair has two cup holders and four storage bags for storing bottles, magazines, remotes, or phones.


  • Nice but short
  • This chair works wonderful!
  • Easy one person setup and very quiet, wife loves it.


  • Don’t waste your money!
  • Uncomfortable chair design


#09 – Vooson Massage Recliner Chair


This massage chair has 8 massage points with lumbar heating. You can choose among press, pulse, wave, normal, and auto massage modes.

The chair has a recline of up to 135 degrees. The timer can be set for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, up to 60minutes.

This chair is made of wooden frames with high-density sponge cushions covered in easy-to-clean faux leather.

The cushions are quite comfortable and the chair can be used for regular use as well. The chair can be assembled easily using the instruction manual.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Refund was a breeze


  • Wiring was damaged
  • Made with cheap material
  • Massage was not really effective together with the heat.


#10 – Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Chair


Material: Leather
Power supply: Corded Electric

This Neck and Back Massager has 16 massaging nodes for deep tissue massages.

There is a remote controller equipped with a speed joystick that allows you to choose the various massage modes and alter the intensity of the massage according to your comfort.

You can change the direction of the massage as well. The heating function is warm and completes the massage.

The back massager can also be used without the seat cushion and attached to a high-backed chair. The seat pad has a vibration feature that promotes blood circulation.


  • Great features for great price.
  • Super!
  • Feels great!


  • I like a deep massage but this was to painful


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