Best Saddles for Folding Bikes 2022 – There are a lot of factors that go into consideration while buying a saddle. From your gender and body structure to your riding style and terrain-different saddles are designed for different riding preferences.

Once you have determined all these, choose from our 10 Best Saddles for Folding Bikes that cater to different needs.

Saddles for Folding Bikes

Best Saddles for Folding Bikes 2022

#01 – Fizik Mistica



This saddle has been designed to distribute the weight evenly across the sit bones. The rails are made of a Titanium alloy and are 3.35 inches long.

The shell constitutes carbon-reinforced nylon that provides better grip and riding stability.

The seat has a length of 9.45 inches and the nose a width of 2.16 inches. It weighs 0.45lbs and comes in two different sizes-regular and large-which have different widths.

You can choose either black or white. The saddle is quite versatile and easy to install as well.


#02 – ISM – Sillín ISM



The ISM saddle allows you to sit centered without any discomfort. Its rails are made of stainless steel. The seat has a length of 10.0 inches and a width of 4.7 inches.

You can move around on the bike better and lean forward with a straighter back.

It is light and firm too. Even if you have trouble getting adjusted initially, it is just temporary and you will eventually enjoy the saddle.


  • Ride like you mean it!
  • Very comfortable seat
  • Great saddle


  • Quite pleased
  • Uncomfortable!


#03 – Prologo – Sillín unisex

Prologo - Sillín unisex


The saddle’s curved shape from front to back, narrow nose, rounded edges, center dipping, and an upward swooping tail provide greater versatility and added comfort.

It has a length of 280mm and two width options of 134mm and 143mm.

Its rails are lightweight and made of steel alloy. The saddle comes with extra padding that makes your rides quite comfortable.


  • Comfortable


  • Made of steel


#04 – Pro Stealth Carbon



Mark: PRO
Item dimensions LxWxH: 14 x 8 x 3 inches
Material: Carbon fiber, Carbon reinforced polymer
Outer material: Foam

This saddle has a seat length of 255mm. It is available in two widths of 142mm and 152mm which you can choose based on your sitting bones.

The 7mm x 9mm rails are made of carbon fiber. The shell constitutes a carbon polymer and the PU cover reduces friction with the clothes.

It is lightweight but provides greater support and comfort.


  • super comfortable and versatile


  • PU cover


#05 – Fabric Scoop Elite

Fabric Scoop Elite


Marca: Fabric & Fabric
Dimensiones del artículo LxWxH: 8 x 12 x 3 pulgadas
Material: Nylon

The Fabric Scoop Elite Saddle is available in three different shapes-Flat, Shallow, or Radius. The seat has no perforations where dirt or mud can get stuck, and so is extremely easy to clean.

The saddle has a flex that cushions your ride and makes it smooth.

It is nicely contoured and you get used to it very easily. The curvature of the Radius enables your sit bones to settle comfortably and is perfect for Trail riding.

The Flat has enough space to move around better and there are almost no pinching or pressure points.


#06 – selle ITALIA Flite Flow Saddle



  • Most Comfortable Saddle I’ve Ridden!
  • excellent fit !!!


  • Saddles with out drawing

Our Drive To The Top Is From Our Champions. Just like several champion bike owner cannot win with out his teammates.

Selle Italia can not make the sector’s quality saddles with out drawing on our lengthy way of life and big experience that have usually driven to make extraordinary saddles.


#07 – Fizik Arione



The Fizik Arione Saddle has special K:um rails that are a combination of a specific metal alloy, a particular tubular design, and a finishing process that improves performance even when the rider is tired.

Its Wingflex Technology enhances the flexibility of leg motion.

The shell consists of high-strength nylon that provides greater flexibility. It has a Microtex cover as well.


  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent road bike saddle
  • Great saddle, even for the longest rides.


  • Not for me… major chafing & pain


#08 – Saddle Fizik Argo Vento R1



Mark: Fizik
Item dimensions LxWxH: 8 x 15 x 4 inches
Material: Combination
Outer material: Foam

VENTO ARGO R1 is a performance racing saddle with a short-nostril design that improves stability and allows for a greater aggressive, aero riding position.


  • Comfortable riding


  • Disappointed


#09 – WTB Rocket Sillín



The WTB Rocket Saddle has a long tapered nose that provides enough space to move around. It has a swooped tail that lets riders lock in their preferred positions for comfort and power.

It has various width options -130mm, 142mm, and 150mm that in turn offer different saddle styles such as – Carbon, Comp, Pro, Race, and Team.


  • Great seat, but measure your sit bones
  • Comfortable saddle except for stitching
  • Awesome seat for an awesome price


  • Not bad, not great
  • Not durable


#10 – Selle San Marco



The Mantra Superleggera saddle is one of the lightest saddles you can find- it weighs just 112.1g. It looks beautiful with a natural curve at the rear.

It has been specially designed for climbers with the combination of its low weight and power transfer. It also has very little padding which in turn brings lesser shock absorption.


  • Very good


  • Really light, but really uncomfortable.


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