Best Strida Folding Bike Review 2021 – It has got distinct in “A” shape collapsible frame. The first model was released in 1987. It was designed by British engineer, Mark Sanders.

The Strida when folded changes to a walking stick with wheels. The main aim of Mark Sanders was to simplify bicycles, moreover, he worked on folding bicycles. Later many versions of Strida came and all got patented.

Best Strida Folding Bike Review

Best Strida Folding Bike Review 2021

#01 – Better bicycles

Better bicycles

this review is given after 10 years of riding Strida. After having a Strida for 10 years, it is becoming very difficult to get onto a bike that does not fold fast, this bike is a good ride and the upright position helps others to see you in traffic.

When you go for long rides upright position is a little bit uncomfortable. This bike is very elegant and very quick to fold and unfold with very low maintenance, and it has got simple cable brakes.

The other advantage of this is it can get into the luggage, it has got a belt-drive, and it has virtually no maintenance for a long period. The Strida has got mechanical disc brakes which are excellent and also very easy to maintain.

It comes with a small plastic rack but it is not a secure place to carry a child and it was widely criticized as it is rarely used. This bike is high in performance with good features.

#02 – Bike ride

Bike ride 

Bike ride has given 79 scores out of 100 for Strida. It is very quick and very easy to fold and unfold for both the experts and the new buyers. The disc brakes are superb and are very well complemented.

The design is very elegant with no protruding cables. It is also considered by some people as light in weight, it can be easily transported because of the trolley pushing mechanism, and this makes it very easy to carry up the stairs or in Elevators.

It is a low maintenance bike and very high quality. Experts believe it is a very good bike for people doing inter-model commutes. The direct pedaling power with good acceleration gives the ride a very comfortable feel.

#03 – Folding bike 20

Folding bike 20

this bike has a triangular shape and a short wheelbase. The bike is having a great design and they come with different styles of folding bikes. They are also available in 6 different colors that allows you to pick one of your choices.

They have a huge collection of Strida models. It has got aluminum brakes and disc brakes and has got three-speed transition, this bike will allow you to travel only a short distance.

The weight of this bike is approximately 26.4 lbs, 18-inch wheels, adjustable seat mounting makes it a great performer

#04 – Momentummag


the triangular shape makes it very unique with the frame. It is the fastest bike and very easy to fold and even to unfold. Weight is approximately 10 kg and sturdy wheels give a good reliable ride.

It is very easy to hold the bike because of the standing position. It is a well-designed bike and is good for people traveling on buses or trains and can carry the bike along with them.

#05 – The Guardian

The Guardian

The unusual frame gives a unique design, with low maintenance. The components used are of high quality and thought to be more expensive. The design makes it very good-looking, it is easy to fold and unfold.

Good to commute for a short distance cannot be taken for the long journey it is a good bike overall it is quite comfortable.

#06 – Tree hugger

Tree hugger

this bike folds and unfolds super-fast and a unique quality that can be observed by many riders. The strider seems a bit hard to control as it is inappropriately geared but surprisingly it can be easily maneuvered.

It is very easily maneuverable in crowded streets, and helps to keep pace on roads, and feels a lot safer. Because of the shape and the tire below, it can be easily be rolled and taken to a park, or down the Subway in the rush hour, it folds in seconds and is very smooth.

#07 – Amazon


has rated at 4 stars out of 5. This bike folds and unfolds in seconds and it is very light in weight also. This bike is unique because of its design and one does not have to carry it because it can be taken like a stroller by its wheels.

It can be easily fit in any car. It comes with the Teflon belt, which keeps it dirt-free and grease-free. It also comes with a lock if you think you don’t want to take your bike. It is quite sturdy and comfortable.



: it is quite portable and has a collapsible design within a frame. Due to the magnetic system it folds in seconds and it is very easy to use. The bicycle is easy to maintain for your years.

The Strida bike has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, it comes with 16-inch mag wheels and has a rear carrier rack for transporting.

It is an urban bike the frame is made of 7000 Series aluminum brakes hard disc brake the bike is quite clean because of the belt drive, the appearance is cool. The tire and tube can be changed easily because of the one-sided wheel mounting.

#09 – Newatlas


This is one of the favorite bicycle designs. Given speed and comfort together it has got larger wheels and extended handlebars. Even tall Riders get a good grip for faster cruising it is quite stable innovative creation a grease-free ride.

#10 – bike unfold

bike unfold

this Strida is the best bike for the city roads. It is very easy to fold and unfold so it is good for all kinds of Riders. Because the folding pattern gets into a walking stick it becomes very easy to roll it away and take it wherever we want, even in a crowded place.

This bike is very practical choice as it gives the best performance and does not have any impact on weight after folding.

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