Best Zero Gravity Chair 2022 – Zero-gravity chairs are designed in a manner that distributes the user’s weight evenly across the body.

These are very comfortable to use as outdoor lounge chairs in the patio or indoor while watching TV or sleeping.

Some also have accessories like cup holders or side trays for greater convenience. We have selected the so that you can enjoy relaxing lie-downs.

Best Zero Gravity Chair

Best Zero Gravity Chair 2022



Room type: Patio Garden
Colour: Olive green
Form factor: Foldable
Back style: Cushion Back
Maximum recommended weight: 350 Pounds

This chair is a great outdoor lounger. It is not heavy, but not lightweight either. It is sturdy, well-designed, and has thick comfortable padding from top to bottom.

The headrest is enjoyable and can be adjusted and slid down the back and used as lumbar support.

You can place books, magazines, or devices on the tray and bottles or cups in the cup holder.

If you are 6’ and weigh around 250lbs, this chair will fit you perfectly. Although it is a bit pricier, it looks great, is quite comfortable and gives good value for your money.


  • Great for those with back problems.
  • As close to zero gravity for an outdoor chair that Ive found yet! I use it to sleep in when Im away from my home.
  • It is very comfortable. I have had other zero gravity chairs, and this is my favorite.


  • This chair is murderous to open and close rendering it unusable. Too much plastic used where it will break.
  • Having purchased and used zero gravity chairs for years, this chair is hands down the worst quality.


#02 – Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair


Room type: Patio Garden
Colour: Land
Form factor: Recliner, Foldable
Material: Nylon
Age range (description): Adult

This zero-gravity chair is made up of a well-built steel frame, a durable polyester fabric, and an elastic cord and is robust enough for daily use.

The levers can be easily adjusted and locked, so you can sit upright or fully recline or anywhere in between.

The seating is fully padded and the pillow at the head and lower back can be easily detached and reattached.

It can be unfolded and unfolded within a minute and can be easily carried and stored. The chair has a fully reclined length of 72” and supports a weight of up to 350lbs.


  • Very Durable & Comfortable Chair!
  • Super comfortable and sturdy!
  • The most comfortable outdoor chair ever!


  • I have owned many gravity chairs over the years. Some heavy duty, some not.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Armrests issues / seats hold water


#03 – Coastrail Outdoor


Room type: Patio Garden
Colour: Blue and brown
Form factor: Recliner, Foldable
Material: Polyester
Age range (description): Adult

This chair is oversized and has a greater width than other similar chairs, so much so that it fits two smaller-sized people quite easily.

It is very sturdy and people who weigh more than 200lbs will relish this chair. It has an adjustable recline that can be locked down and secured.

The chair comes with a skid-proof leg pad for better security. The removable pillow can be used as head- or lumbar-support according to the user.

The seats are fully padded and exceedingly comfortable. The chair weighs 25lbs and can be easily carried.

The cup holder on the side table can be used to store drinks, phones, and books and can be readily removed.


  • Wide, and good length when reclined.
  • Some padding.
  • Locking position for recline angle.


  • No locking mechanism for legs. Folded up on me a few times when trying to sit up from reclined.
  • Not particularly durable. After less than a month, the arms have cracked at the point where they meet the back.
  • The fabric isn’t breathable and makes my back sweat.


#04 – Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero Gravity


Color: Beige
Form Factor: Foldable
Material: Alloy Steel
Age Range (Description): Adult
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 300 Pounds

Amazon Basics Outdoor Textilene Adjustable Zero Gravity Folding Reclining Lounge Chair with Pillow, Beige From the Manufacturer Amazon Basics.

The quality is terrible. It’s been approximately 6 weeks since I got it. Bungee cords have snapped on one side, and material grommets are ripping off, and I only sit in it for about two hours each evening to weigh.

This is the third time we’ve gone camping with it. My son-in-law owns a similar but more expensive chair. His design is extremely intricate, featuring a lever that must be moved to lock it.

That lever has a pinch point that almost always catches you off guard. This chair is well-balanced, and the locking knobs are straightforward to use.

This chair is so comfortable that it instantly relaxes me and makes me feel weightless. I’m overjoyed to have this chair.


  • I am very happy with this comfortable chair.
  • Great Buy. Adjustment locks leave something to be desired.
  • Comfortable and value for money.


  • Absolute waste of money.
  • These are NOT “Zero Gravity”!! I used to have chairs like this that were.
  • Stupid design, get a *real* Gravity Chair.


#05 – Goplus Zero Gravity Chairs

Goplus Zero Gravity Chairs


Room type: Patio Garden
Colour: Green fleece lining officially licensed by star wars silent one crew.
Form factor: Recliner, Foldable
Material: Wicker
Age range (description): Adult

These Goplus zero-gravity chairs are extremely comfortable and can be easily set to our liking using a turn-knob adjustment.

The seats are made of strong, good-quality fabric and can withstand pets’ claws. The pillows are firm and adjustable.

Each of the side tables has two cup holders which can store a can, cup, or bottled water, and two compartments for phones, magazines, or remotes.

Both the chairs are sturdy and are well-suited for camping or heavy outdoor use. Overall, it has great value at a low price.


  • Very comfortable chair which adjusts from sitting to reclining positions.
  • I am a bigger guy (6’4 300) and I have plenty of support. Super comfy and sturdy.
  • I was leery to purchase because the price was so good compared to many similar chairs I’ve researched.


  • It’s too bad this product is not strong enough to last more than a single summer.
  • No assembly required except to easily hook on side tray.
  • I was truly hoping these chairs would be of good quality but the plastic on these chairs is not very sturdy.


#06 – MLF Le Corbusier Style Chaise Lounge Chair

MLF Le Corbusier Style Chaise Lounge Chair


Room type: Living Room, Study Room
Color: Brown,black
Form factor: Recliner
Material: Cuero, Leather

This lounge chair is made of 100% genuine Italian leather on all sides counting the seating, back, and the matching headrest. The recliner can be adjusted to various positions based on the user’s comfort.

The headrest as well as the foam cushions are quite comfortable. The chair is 64” inches long and comes with floor protectors which keep your floors clean.

It is fairly suitable for your lawn, patio, yard, garden, or balcony.


  • Great chair. Very nice quality leather, extremely comfortable.
  • The weight limit is 220 lb.


  • This is a lounge chair.


#07 – Oversized Zero Gravity Chair


Room Type: Patio Garden
Color: Grey
Form Factor: Recliner, Foldable
Material: Textile
Furniture Finish: Wood

Maximize precious entertainment time with help from this Vicllax Zero Gravity Chair.

Designed for out of doors and indoor use, the chair makes an super addition to the patio, garden, porch, campsite, or outdoor.


  • Super comfortable.
  • Using it in our living room it’s so comfortable!!
  • Easy to use and surprisingly comfortable.


  • Not a safe chair.
  • I purchased this chair as a way to lounge outside. Unfortunately the chair us not safe.
  • Love the chair they could of did better with the cup holder for the price of the chair.


#08 – Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair


Room Type: Patio Garden
Color: Blue/Brown
Form Factor: Recliner, Foldable
Material: Polyster
Furniture Finish: Wood

Coastrail Outdoor is a professional outside brand which devotes to provide the pleasant out of doors experience for clients.

This Oversized Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chair can guide as much as 400lbs. Black and Gray is the right shade for outdoor use.

It’s a super reclining living room chair for out of doors, camping, patio, lawn and outside. Fully padded and further huge seat for extra comfort.


  • Comfortable and Functional.
  • Good chair but BIG.
  • Sturdy and Heavy Duty.


  • This chair has become complete trash and unsafe.
  • Not for the plump but for the medium plump.
  • When I say easily fold up; I don’t mean that in a good way.


#09 – Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity

Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity


This anti-gravity recliner chair weighs 24lbs and is made of an iron/steel frame.

It has an adjustable canopy that provides shade and blocks out the sun.

Don’t forget to leave the visor up or rainwater gets into the tubing and is released when tilted upwards.

Both the side tray and the cup holders are well-designed and can be used to place books, glasses, phones, and cups.

Once locked in place, the chair is pretty comfortable and has a capacity of around 200lbs.


  • Design is great but hammock has one big flaw.
  • My Favorite Spot!
  • Great hammock, especially at this price.


  • Not weather friendly.
  • Waste of money.
  • Do not buy if it is going to be outside.

#10 – PHI VILLA Zero Gravity



Room Type: Patio Garden
Color: Grey
Form Factor: Recliner, Foldable
Material: Alloy Steel
Furniture Finish: Plastic

Zero Gravity Chair appropriate for the seaside, yard, porch or a pool aspect.

PHI VILLA Padded Zero Gravity Chair has very strong and sturdy production.

This chair actually makes you sense comfortable and while it reclines returned, it truely does sense like Zero Gravity.


  • Great for back problems.
  • Perfect chair for recovering from hip replacement!
  • Better than regular gravity chair with some flaws.


  • This is a recliner not a zero gravity chair.
  • Love it, except the useless tray, which is junk.
  • Dishonest product promise of fulfillment.


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