Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs of 2022 – The zero gravity option in a massage chair distributes your weight across the chair.

The chair’s recline is such that the user’s feet are elevated above or in-line with the heart, which gives you a deeper massage session. Choose from our selection of the.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs 2022

#01 – Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair


Color: Brown
Material: Leather
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 400 Pounds
Brand: Real Relax
Style: Modern

Updating choose 03 plus: Add Bluetooth audio play and changing Led light, 6 car modes, greater functional and inexpensive. Comes with 2 packing containers, clean to collect, timer as much as half-hour, height restriction; 6.1 foot, weight limit: four hundred kilos.

The chair arrived promptly, which was wonderful, however there were a few issues with it. The directions for assembling the chair aren’t particularly clear, but it’s not tough to figure out. The foot rollers quit operating on the first day.

The battle for the chair has started. It was apprehensive to purchase this chair, but my wife prevailed. The chair was in excellent condition when it came. It was simple to put together. The chair is attractive and functional.

We are getting older, and this chair helps me get out of bed in the morning. When my huge family gathers for Sunday dinners, the battle for the chair begins.


  • I did my research, and I’m really happy with the product
  • Worth Every Penny!
  • Big, heavy and totally worth it


  • Does not massage well at all.
  • Great Price-Poor Quality!


#02 –FOELRO Massage Chair

FOELRO Massage Chair


Color: Black
Form Factor: Recliner
Material: Faux Leather
Furniture Finish: Leather

The zero-gravity feature on Foelro’s massage chair gives you a deep tissue massage while reclined. It uses airbags and rollers to provide a full body massage from head to toe. The back and foot rollers work very well and the waist heating is a bonus.

The footrests are extendable and if you are around 5’5” you will be a good fit. The remote looks good and has a big screen. Assembly may be time-consuming if you are a first time user, watch a couple of videos and you’re all set. If you’re looking for a mild massage chair, this one is best suited.

This product isn’t quite where We wanted it to be, but it’s a lot better than We anticipated. When We got it, We believed it was already constructed, but when We opened it, We noticed three boxes, hum, thank God my girlfriend was with me.

We brought the boxes inside and said, “Well, let’s do this,” so we opened the boxes that were labelled and began putting it together.

You will never sit on a chair as awful as this one. Because the back rollers don’t have much cushioning and stab you in the back, the business recommends covering them with a blanket or pillow. This defeats the objective of using heat for therapeutic purposes.


  • Great massage
  • It is what is. Not bad.
  • Good chair for the value


  • Most uncomfortable chair you will ever sit in.
  • Was too large to be useful and was painful.


#03 – Titan Chair Apex AP- Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Titan Chair Apex AP Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Color: Black
Form Factor: Adjuastable
Material: Polyurethane
Furniture Finish: Black
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 240 Pounds

Nasa inspired generation to help distribute the weight of the consumer frivolously for the duration of the lower back, whilst elevating the legs from the coronary heart to sell wholesome blood movement.

For the price, it’s a fantastic deal. The assembly was quick and easy. We had to ask the delivery personnel to bring it in the house (rather than the garage), but we were courteous and placed it precisely where We requested (same floor).

The chair is really comfortable, and We like having my regular massage. Because back rollers may sometimes touch awkward locations and are rather powerful, we drape a light blanket over the back to keep it clean.

This massage chair is fantastic. So far, there have been no issues, and delivery has been quick. The chair arrived fully built and ready to use. The best massage chair We’ve ever purchased!


  • Seat stitch separated


  • The chair looks sick but the right side panel is hanging off upon delivery the left side tightly attached.


#04 –Massage Chair

Massage Chair


Room Type: Office, Living Room
Color: Black
Material: Leather, Suede
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 265 Pounds
Item Weight: 300 Pounds

This massage chair has special kneading and rolling functions for your neck, tapping, rolling, and kneading functions for your soles, and heating functions for your lower back. You can easily personalize your massage experience to target your neck, shoulders, back, hips, waist, and thighs with different massage intensities.

This chair also allows you to select heat and/or vibration to intensify your massage. The chair can be readjusted so that people of different heights can optimally use the chair. It has a working weight of around 200lbs. If you want a chair that gives an intense massage, it is a perfect fit. However, if you want to reduce the intensity, just add a blanket underneath and you will enjoy it more.

My spouse uses the chair since he has a lot of muscular problems. So far, everything has gone well. He’s had it for a few days and has used it on a daily basis. The carrier was our only complaint.

We didn’t pick the carrier, but the seller picked, and it was the pits. The pallet, weighing over 400 pounds, was delivered to our driveway by the driver. We had to remove it off the pallet and out of the tri-wall box and assemble it on our porch piece by piece.


  • Beautiful, Luxurious Massage Chair!
  • It was pretty good massage very rough and has hurt my back.
  • Best chair for the money!


  • Not happy
  • It’s not a reliable product!


#05 –Zero Gravity Recliner

Zero Gravity Recliner


Recommended Uses For Product: Reclining,Indoor,Outdoor
Room Type: Bedroom, Living Room, Home Office
Color: Black&green
Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor
Form Factor: Recliner

Set up size is 30″ L x 29″ W x forty four” H, off floor seat peak is 22″, again height is 29″, seat width is 21″. Folded length is 29″ L x 7.Five” W x 37 ” H. Weight potential: 350 lbs.

For our trip, we rented a condo. The image showed a recliner, but when we arrived, it was absent. Because of his health, my spouse sleeps in a chair. We purchased this chair and am quite satisfied with it.

The 170 degree recline is the feature that most impresses me. He can now sleep with his legs lifted above his chest, allowing the fluid in his legs to drain. It will now be our “travel companion” everywhere we go.

The chair is comfortable, durable, and well-made. These came in battered boxes, but the chairs were in excellent condition.


  • Best Zero Gravity chair online!
  • Perfect fit!
  • Comfortable, sturdy, very well made chair!


  • The good and the bad.
  • The chair carries easily, unfolds easily/smoothly and it just feels solid.


#06 – OOTORI N500pro Massage Chair



Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor
Furniture base movement: Swivel
Room Type: Living Room
Color: Black
Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

The modern day OOTORI N500PRO rubdown chair has progressed loads in zero gravity mode.More than 10 angles are adjustable via the button of the “Back Descent” or “Back Ascent” on the far off manipulate.

The chair is pleasant and quick to put together, however it does not massage the neck and shoulders of a 5’4″ person. Going to have to sit on some cushions. While lying down, We can’t reach the massage pads in my upper back, shoulders, or arms. Only if sitting up can We get a nice foot massage. In a supine posture, you can’t reach the pads. However, it is ideal for my spouse and son.

This massage chair is a hit with my wife and me. This product features all of the bells and whistles seen in much more costly models. We’ve had it for about three weeks and are really happy with it. In a few weeks, It’ll return to write more reviews. It comes highly recommended.


  • The chair works fine
  • Fantastic product
  • Comfortable Chair


  • Not for shoulders.
  • Not meant for short people.
  • Not for people under 5’4″


#07 – Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Color: Black
Material: Foam, Metal
Item Weight: 213 Pounds
Brand: Osaki
Style: Full size massage chair

Apart from the amazing zero-gravity feature, this Osaki massage chair has six auto massage modes and styles which make your massage experience more than enjoyable. Muscle relief, arm massage, shoulder massage, stretch massage, hip massage are some of the massage modes you can choose from.

All these give special attention to the area of your choice and helps to relieve stress and pain. You should definitely purchase it for its shoulder and back massages which are really great. Overall, a great product that gives great massages.

This chair is fantastic. It makes you feel completely rejuvenated. It looks and feels fantastic. We wish the wheels were a little better for moving it about; perhaps larger wheels would help. Plan to keep it in the same place you put it.


  • Love this chair. it makes you feel so regenerated. looks and feels great.
  • 4000T has 2D rollers.
  • Deep relaxation and stress reduction, blood circulation improvement and relief of muscle tension and stiffness.


  • i wish the wheels to move it around were a little better.


#o8 – RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair



Furniture base movement: Glide
Color: Charcoal
Material: Alloy Steel, Leather
Furniture Finish: Leather
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 280 Pounds

MK-II PLUS by RELAXONCHAIR. Our maximum famous chair. Choose from one of four automated rub down programs to experience consolation and restoration. Explore the exclusive combos of massages the usage of the manual packages to have a unique rub down that higher suits you.

We bought it for my wife, and she adores it. We, for one, can live without it. But happy as long as she’s happy!! So far, this has been a fantastic purchase.

This is a well-designed chair that gives my wife and myself with evening comfort. The foot section clips straight into the chair, making assembly a breeze.


  • My husband put it together easily. Basically one piece needs to be attached.
  • Let’s be honest, these chairs are bulky and not terribly attractive but compared to some I considered, not all that bad.
  • As a stand alone chair, it’s comfortable. In reclining position even more so.


  • The foot massagers – yeesh! I thought reviewers had overly sensitive feet but no, even with socks on I eventually have to pull my feet out.
  • I can’t feel the heating function at all.
  • The neck support could be better and there is very little massage action in the neck area at all.


#o9 – 2020 New Massage Chair



Furniture base movement: Rock
Color: Black
Brand: Lernonl

This real 0 gravity massage chair will position you in a true 0 gravity recline allowing higher blood movement, rest and a deeper and more effective rub down. Compared with the 3-level zero-gravity massage chair, the N500pro massage chair has a brand new improve. The rubdown chair has a set-point positioning adjustment function, which can alter any angle to locate the maximum relaxed position.

Look up some evaluations of various chairs for the home on the internet. We went with this option. With a 100-buck clip coupon, it’s a great deal. Three parcels arrived in three days. Only took an hour to put together because It was watching football on TV at the time. To make putting the vacuum line on easier, We used a small amount of dish soap on the plastic nipple. The chair performs as expected.

It’s effective and efficient. And the speakers are better than my gaming chair for gaming. There are two speakers, and you can hear people rushing up on your left or right side on PUBG without any latency.


  • Great value
  • Works good and powerful.
  • Best gift ever!


  • Three my family members didn’t like it


#10 – FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair

FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair


Color: Black
Material: Faux Leather
Age Range (Description): Adult
Furniture Finish: Leather

This massage chair gives good attention to your back and lower back. The zero gravity option elevates your feet higher than your heart and the airbags and rollers work together to give you a good massage session. You can personalize your massage experience and select the area, strength, and speed of the massage.

You can easily connect to Bluetooth and the sound quality is great. The instructions are easy to understand and assembling is easy and smooth. It’s a good fit for those around 5’2” and gives a smooth, relaxing massage.

The chair arrived swiftly, as did all three boxes. The chair was simple to put together. It did have shipping damage where the wheels attach, but it had no effect on the chair and We don’t need the wheels anyhow. And the first time We did it, it was pure bliss!

It was rather simple to put together. Only six bolts are required to secure everything. A point was deducted because some metal was bent (which was readily rectified with a wrench) and one of the bolt holes didn’t match. It had to be forced in. We’d be in big trouble if We didn’t have power tools to install with.


  • Back pressure was good for massage
  • Legg pressure is good
  • Foot massage you can push the foot holder down to center your calves which was nice


  • I am 5’9″ and as per reviews the shoulder massage does nothing.
  • The shoulder back massage part hits my neck which is still nice for me


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