Best Japanese Massage Chairs of 2022 – Japanese massage chairs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, amazing features, and are designed to provide optimal massage experiences to every user. If you are looking to invest a significant amount of money in massage chairs, there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose a Japanese Massage chair.

Japanese Massage Chairs of

Best Japanese Massage Chairs of 2022

#01 – Osaki OS-Pro Maestro

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro

The Osaki OS-Pro has all of the features present in modern massage chairs. These include L-track design, Calf kneading, Bluetooth and speakers, 4D heated rollers, Dual Foot rollers, Apps for mobile control, and LED lights. You can tailor your massage experience with eight 4D settings, five speed and intensity settings. The chair provides strong good quality massages. The cushions make the chair extremely comfortable to sit in and it can be used as a regular armchair when not in use.

#02 – DreamWave


This massage chair has a body scanning feature that determines the pressure points on the body and personalizes each massage to the user. Air cells provide rhythmic compressions over the calves, ankles, and soles of the feet. The lower back and seat heating is warm and enhances the massage. It offers 16 pre-programmed massage modes along with 1000 possible manual massage combinations. If you would like to control every aspect of your massage, this chair would be a nice fit.

#03 – Kagra – Silla de masaje

Kagra – Silla de masaje

This Massage Chair is equipped with special stretching software. Its stretching modes provide deep stretching massages to any part you choose from the neck and shoulders to the thighs and calves. There are 78 automatic massage techniques. You can also design three massage programs with all your desired options. The massage chair has features of zero gravity, Shiatsu foot massages, neck massages, a wireless Bluetooth system, and heating at the lower back, calves, and feet. The chair has been designed well and is comfortable for everyday regular use too. Use the reversible Ottoman to turn it into a casual recliner chair.

#04 – JPMEDICS Kumo


The JPMedics Kumo has features like zero gravity, choreographed massage programming, reflexology foot rollers, heated knee therapy, 4D massage rollers, adjustable LED lights, and Bluetooth connectivity. It has an advanced 44-inch L-track design that provides greater massage coverage. The rollers themselves produce heat to stimulate warm massaging hands. Sensors within the rollers detect the body’s curves and customize massages accordingly. The touchpad controller is easy to use and there is an additional controller in the arm-rest for quicker access to power on/off and automatic massage programs. Its space-saving technology is such that only 5 of inches space needs to be left between the back of the chair and the wall.

#05 – Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity

The Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna Massage Chair has L-track rollers that provide greater massage access to the neck, back, waist, and glutes. The chair has full-body scanning, six automatic massage modes, air massage technology, 3 zero-gravity reclines, and space-saving technology. The calves and feet massage is a wonderful option. If it is too intense to your liking, you can just wear socks or slippers to reduce the intensity. The massage time can be set to a maximum time of 30 minutes.

#06 – Silla de masaje

Silla de masaje

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave envelops your body and provides over 1,200 square inches of Shiatsu massage coverage. There are eight automatic massage modes including morning and night modes that provide various types of massages. These have a combination of tapping, rolling, squeezing, pushing, and kneading with air pressure and speeds of your choice. It also has stretching options like flexing, extending, and rotational stretching of the shoulders, middle back, and hips. The chair also has a ‘Youth’ option as well where the leg rollers adjust to the user’s height for optimal massaging.

#07 – jp1100 – fabricado

jp1100 – fabricado

The JP1100 4D Synca Wellness Massage Chair has been designed by Japanese engineers. It has been built with good quality components and materials manufactured in Japan. The chair has a dual-layer body scan that optimally customizes every massage to the user. The touchscreen controller is simple and can be operated by anyone. The chair also has features of lumbar and foot heating, motorized leg rest extenders, 21 automatic massages, and a near 180o recline. This chair is a must-try.

#08 – OSAKI JP Premium

OSAKI JP Premium

The scanning technology in this chair maps the user’s back and analyzes the contours of the muscles and spine to ensure consistent massage pressure. The massaging balls in this massage chair move up and down, and left and right, and provide and combination of kneading and tapping massages. The chair has gripping and stretching neck massages, tapping shoulder massages, air massages at the shoulders, hands, arms, hips, calves, and feet. There are heating pads located in the backrest at the upper back, mid-back, and bottom of the feet. It is a true Japanese Massage Chair in every aspect.

#09 – Silla de masaje

Silla de masaje

The Osaki OS-4000 has numerous features like L-track rollers, zero-gravity, Automatic Body Scanning, Self-adjusting foot rollers, and seat vibration that provide relaxing massages for your whole body. There are six pre-programmed massage modes. You can alter the massage intensity, speed, and area of the massage using the remote control with an LCD. The chair is upholstered in artificial leather and is comfortable to use.

#10 – Real Relax

Real Relax

The chair has SL-Track rollers, a zero-gravity function, lower back heating, and an automatic body scanning technology. The robot hands built into the backrest allow you to change the massage technique on your back. The leg massage is a combination of airbags and rollers that provide just the right amount of pressure. The chair is ideal for people less than 5’5″, who weigh under 200lbs. The chair is fully assembled and completely packaged and requires no further setup.

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