Best Massage Chairs In The World 2022 – A good massage session leaves us relaxed and content. As most of us lead busy lives, going for regular massages might not be possible and can be quite difficult.

Massage chairs save you from frequent trips to the salon and give you the amazing benefits of massages just from home. So why not buy one for the house?

Choose from our list of the 10 Best Massage Chairs in the World and enjoy soothing massages from the comfort of your own home.

Massage Chairs In The World

Best Massage Chairs In The World 2022

#01 – Titan Pro- Alpha Full Body Massage Chair

Titan Pro Alpha Full Body Massage Chair


Color: Brown
Material: Metal
Item Weight: 250 Pounds
Brand: Titan Massage Chair

This Titan Premium line product gives wonderful attention to your back and lower back. Starting from the neck area, the rollers massage all over your shoulders and back, down to the lower back, glutes, the top of your hamstrings and cover the entire body.

The two zero-gravity stages increase the intensity of the massage and give you that floating sensation. There are six different auto-massage programs you can choose from to target the area of your choice and customize your massage experience.

The chair is very compact and easy to assemble and store. It is an amazing full-body massage chair for those under 6’ and 200lbs.

This chair has a lot of features for the price, including six built-in massages or a manual massage, a foot roller, heat, and airbags for your feet, shoulders, and arms. The only thing We wish it had was a little more width, as it is a little tight for a six-footer, but my wife and We both highly recommend it.

We bought the massage chair because We noticed that it came with free professional installation, but when We had it, there was no such service, which was disappointing because the chair itself is rather hefty.


  • Nice chair for the price
  • Great chair.
  • This is the perfect chair for a moderate price


  • Warranty is worthless and has reliability issues.


#02 – Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair


Color: Black
Furniture Finish: Black
Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair

You can choose from six automatic programs in the Kahuna massage chair. It also has two special modes- SH Chiro and Yoga-stretching. The Chiro setting targets your spine and the Yoga setting is a 30-minute massage session combined with stretching.

It has three zero-gravity stages and the third stage elevates your feet 4-6 inches above your heart. The chair accommodates a maximum height of 6’4” and 220lbs. The foot rollers may be a bit strong, add a towel or two and you will enjoy the massage.

If you are a first-time user, you might have difficulties assembling the chair, so make sure a professional does it. It may be pricey but gives you good value.

This chair is unquestionably at the top of the whiskey massage chair market. From your neck to your toes, the complete body range is fantastic. The air bag zones exert a startling amount of pressure. The bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, are probably not worth the extra money.

This is my first massage chair, and We believe it was well worth the money for what it does. The chair has a variety of features, including Bluetooth speakers as one of them. We wasn’t used to the pressure the first time We used it, such as when it gripped my calves, but you can alter the settings and become used to it with time.


  • This chair gives a really strong back massage without the back cushion.
  • The chair is comfortable to sit and recline in.
  • The chair seems sturdy.


  • Right shoulder air bag started to leak after 1 week of using the chair. Wont fully inflate any longer.
  • Foot rollers are nothing special. Just 1 roller positioned dead center. Only covers the middle of the foot.
  • The auto scan isn’t always accurate. Sometimes the rollers will start as high up as halfway down my skull.


#03 – Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair



Room Type: Office, Living Room
Color: Black
Material: Leather, Suede
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 265 Pounds
Item Weight: 300 Pounds

Its airbags and rollers perform different motions to massage your shoulders, arms, back, buttocks, legs, and feet. It has three automatic modes and a zero-gravity option which enhances your massage. This massage chair is ideal for those between 5’6”-6’ and weigh 160lbs – 200lbs.

It is made of soft faux leather and is quite bulky so ensure that you start assembling only after you decide the chair’s location. If you’re looking for a massage chair that provides intense massages, you will like this one. Don’t forget to wear light-colored clothes, as darker clothes might stain the chair.

My spouse uses the chair since he has a lot of muscular problems. So far, everything has gone well. He’s had it for a few days and has used it on a daily basis. The carrier was our only complaint. We didn’t pick the carrier, but the seller picked, and it was the pits.

The pallet, weighing over 400 pounds, was delivered to our driveway by the driver. We had to remove it off the pallet and out of the tri-wall box and assemble it on our porch piece by piece.

That was quite an accomplishment. Make sure you get some help with the package because it is rather hefty. The characteristics are great!


  • I didnt suffer much fr obsessing when my chair is gonna come
  • Putting the parts together is as easy as 1,2 and 3
  • The features are just what im looking for in a massage chair


  • It’s not a reliable product!
  • Piece of trash!
  • Unimpressive


#04 – Massage Chair



Recommended Uses For Product: Relaxing
Furniture base movement: Glide
Color: Black
Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor

Three-stage zero-gravity, lower-back heating, and vibration are some of the chair’s features. It provides a compression massage to the neck, arms, shoulder, legs, and feet. You can choose from any of the four auto massage modes or customize the massage to target various parts.

You can also turn on and off any region of the airbags. The chair is quite easy to assemble and use as well. If you like intense massages, you will enjoy the massage, otherwise, you can use a pillow or blanket to reduce the strength to get comfortable.

The chair arrived much sooner than anticipated. The chair is fantastic, especially the foot rollers. As a respiratory therapist, We work nights and am on my feet for 12.5 hours at a time, so when We go home, We sit in the chair after showering and before going to bed. When We wake up, We notice a significant improvement in my mood. This was a gift to myself, and now We just have to keep the rest of the family out of it.

The chair was not the appropriate fit for the individual We got it for, but happily, the firm was accommodating in terms of return and refund.


  • We LOVE this chair! Great purchase.
  • Awesome chair worth the money
  • Comparable to expensive massage chairs


  • Good, but far from perfect


#05 – Massage Chair



Furniture base movement: Swivel
Color: Bone
Form Factor: Upholstered
Material: Polyurethane
Item Weight: 114 Pounds

This massage chair has ten massage programs including swing, full-body stretch, relax that offer different types of massages like tapping, kneading, rolling, and shiatsu from the shoulders to the legs. The rollers at the feet provide a soothing and relaxing massage to the feet.

Place a towel under the lower back and you will better enjoy the massage. Assembling the chair can be a bit difficult so watch instruction videos to ensure that the massage chair is correctly assembled. It offers a range of automatic massage programs like some higher-priced with better functioning.

This is the most comfortable massage chair We’ve ever sat in. The heat adds a wonderful touch to those cold winter days and helps to loosen up the muscles. The nicest part about this chair is how deeply it rubs! This is almost as nice as receiving a deep tissue massage, but you can do it at your leisure in the privacy of your own home.

Incredible, fantastic!!! We ‘ve bought a lot of massage chairs before, and this one is by far the best! We use it every night to unwind and have a good night’s sleep; We can’t fathom not having it, and it matches my little home’s decor nicely.


  • Excellent massage chair
  • Fantastic massage chair!
  • Nice massage chair, comfort of a firm car seat


  • Not sure what to think… but disappointed.
  • We are not as happy as we thought we’d be


#06 – Human Touch Reflex SOL Foot

Human Touch Reflex


Color: Black and White
Brand: Human Touch
Material: Polyurethane

The Human touch Sol Foot and Calf massager takes very good care of your feet and calves. The figure-eight action provides a deep kneading Shiatsu massage enhanced with heat that promotes blood circulation.

The sleeve inserts in the foot chambers can be easily removed and washed, so that different people can hygienically use it. If you are between 5’ and 6’4”, this massager will fit you very well. It is a bit heavy but works great. If you spend long hours walking or standing, you will love the foot massage.

It takes some time to get used to. It was definitely constricting my feet the first couple of days, to the point of being uncomfortable. But thinking that’s what it needed to bring my elderly pets back to life. Every night after work, We slid my tired puppies in and fell asleep in within 2 minutes. The machine had switched itself off by the time I wake up, and We feel rejuvenated.

This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my husband, but it is used by everyone in the family, who is always sitting receiving a message. Every day, We’ve started starting my day with a foot message.


  • 2 stars for me.
  • Awesome!


  • May not work as expected for tall people


#07 – ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair



Color: Black
Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: 200 Pounds
Brand: Ideal Massage
Frame Material: Alloy Steel

This recliner massage chair offers different massage types like tapping, knocking, rolling, kneading, and shiatsu massage. It has three zero gravity stages which can be activated once the chair is reclined. The heat is soothing and pleasant and enhances the massage.

The chair is good-looking and will fit those between 5’4” and 6’ very well. The airbags for the feet and calves have a firm grip and work great. In comparison, the arms could have had a better grip. The instructions can be a bit tricky, but assembly is pretty easy. A good massage chair overall.

My first ten-minute massage is now complete. This item is wonderful. Obviously, We’ll have to wait and see how it holds up over time, but it appears to be rather sturdy. There are three types of back massages available… Options for compression massage for the shoulder, arms, and legs.

There’s even a massage for the soles of your feet!!! There are several alternatives… However, Only getting started. The device is hefty, but I had no trouble pushing it. It took around an hour to complete the installation.

We purchased this chair a few years ago and use it on a regular basis! It was a wonderful massage and it was extremely calming. Massages range from the upper back to the feet, with a variety of possibilities to get your ideal treatment. This product has exceeded my expectations!


  • Good deal for the money
  • Great massage chair!
  • Awesome massage chair


  • I want to love this chair but unfortunately there are some issues


#08 – Real Relax Massage Chair



Room Type: Office, Living Room
Color: Beige
Material: Faux Leather
Furniture Finish: Leather
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 400 Pounds

This massage chair comes with features like zero-gravity, waist heating, vibration, and Bluetooth connectivity. It has airbags which are placed from head to toe that give you the full body massage experience. It also has 2 neck, 4 upper back, and 2 lower back rollers that give strong back massages.

The heating at the lower back is soothing and pleasurable. You can select and adjust the type, strength, and speed of the massage as well. This chair has springs at the legs which have to be pushed downwards and is ideal for those taller than 6 feet. If you like intense massages, you will like this one.

The chair arrived fully built and was simple to unload for two persons! Works well, this is my first massage chair, and the price is unbeatable! We found this product to be half the price of others we looked at, and it is a fantastic product. My spouse is 6’2 and he fits, but if you’re taller, We’d look for one that can accommodate you.

We just got this chair delivered this afternoon, and everyone in our family of five has enjoyed it thus far! Very excited to use this every morning and evening before and after work!! The shipment and delivery were excellent, and the installation was simple.


  • Looks great
  • Very relaxing in each massage mode
  • Very comfortable in zero gravity position


  • Not very comfortable in upright position
  • Shoulders airbags are weak
  • No option to turn off back rollers


#09 – Giantex Massage Recliner Adjustable Chair



Furniture base movement: Swivel
Room Type: Office, Bedroom, Living Room
Color: Grey
Form Factor: Recliner
Material: Textile, Linen

This recliner doubles up as a massage chair and has five vibration intensities, four massage areas, and eight automatic massage modes you can choose from. The remote control allows you to customize your massage experience according to your liking.

The chair has side pockets where you can store magazines or phones. It is easy maintenance as it is water-proof. It can be easily assembled as the instructions are easy to understand. This recliner massage chair is most comfortable for people less than 5 feet and weigh less than 250lbs.

There are no tools required. It practically pops together in less than 10 minutes with no nuts, bolts, or screws. A very comfortable desk chair that swivels, allowing you to recline parallel to the desk without having to move the chair, which is well-made, strong, and substantial.

This is a lovely chair. The massage option (15 or 30 minutes) is quite pleasant and has a great vibrating effect. You can turn 360 degrees in this chair, but you’re either sitting up (receiving a message) or laying down (getting a massage). It appeals to me.


  • Excellent computer desk chair
  • Great chair, needs wheels!
  • Perfect size for my needs


  • This is not a comfortable chair. You can’t just put your feet up.


#10 – Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair



SL-tune pushes the chair’s rollers from head to thighs, ensuring which you receive a complete-body massage; Robot Hands interior of the backrest paintings with SL-TRACK provide a complete rubdown to comfort and relax you from head to thighs.

The product is attractive, and the initial massage is satisfactory. Although the massage was a little harsh at first, it improved after lowering to the lowest level and adding more cushioning to the chair. However, CHAIR BROKE after 5 uses in 3 days, for a total of around 2 hours of use.

The SL Track Roller immediately went to the head position and remained there. —- A sharp screw point breaking a wire (used to hold a plastic undercarriage shield in place) caused this.


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