Best Office Massage Chairs of 2022 – A good office massage chair should be portable, low maintenance, and accommodate people of different heights.

Here’s our choice of the which have these qualities and are great for office use.

Best Office Massage Chairs of 2022

Best Office Massage Chairs of 2022

#01 – Zyllion Shiatsu



Color: Pink
Brand: Zyllion
Power Source: Corded Electric

The Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Cushion Pad gives wonderful deep tissue massages. You can choose either Shiatsu or rolling type of massage covering your upper, lower, or full backs or choose to massage a particular spot. It also has nodes that massage the neck, a heating feature that can be activated separately, and three vibrating levels on the seat.

It has a 15-minute turn-off feature that conserves energy and protects from damage. It fits perfectly if you are around 6’ but if you are around 5’2”, you should use it with a pillow or two underneath. You should buy this for its intense massages and great features.

This amazing little device came to my rescue several times a day and never grumbled. We sat on it, dropped it, laid over it, stood on it – We very much lived on it. When It was sore after surgery, work, or a hard day in the yard, it was my go-to companion. We bought one for my mother and brother since We adored it so much.

Wow! We ‘ve just had it for an afternoon, but I’m already smitten. We  can’t keep going to get human massages since We can’t afford it. This is something We can afford. All We can say is that We hope it continues. thinking about getting another one tomorrow so my wife and We don’t have to quarrel over who gets to do what.


  • Size, ability to massage different body parts, build materials.
  • Every household should have one!
  • Perfect daily massage and relaxation!


  • Nodes are really hard when laying your full weight on the pillow, heat function is not for everyone.


#02 – Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair 



Color: Blue
Material: Aluminum
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 39 Pounds
Item Weight: 39.7 Pounds
Brand: Master Massage

This portable massager is lightweight and easy to assemble. The face cradle, armrests, chest, and seat pads can all be adjusted and positioned to fit users of different sizes. The chair is well-built and the cushions are extremely comfortable. It folds compactly and is easy to store. The storage case also is lightweight and can be easily rolled.

It is ideal for massage therapists who have to travel for work and serve a wide range of clients. The massager is easy to clean and maintain as well. It is perfect for travel. Make sure to buy one that caters to your height requirements too!

This chair is one of my favourites. This is the greatest upright massage chair We’ve found after a lot of study. Ever! This isn’t quite “that” portable, but who cares? This chair has the most simply changeable configurations, but it’s best for one person who will spend the first few sessions adjusting the chair until it’s “just right.”

We paid the additional money on a more durable and comfy massage chair and am glad We did.


  • I upgraded to a more sturdy and more comfortable massage chair and happy I spent the extra money.
  • Love the way it folds up and fits perfectly in the wheeled “suitcase.” So comfortable!


  • Changeable


#03 – Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat



Color: Black
Brand: Snailax
Power Source: Corded Electric

This massage pad is compact and fits on almost every chair with a tall straight back. It has most of the massaging functions you find on highly expensive massage chairs like neck massage, shiatsu massage for the back, spot massage, and heating functions.

You can easily customize the massage experience using a remote and choose any of the auto modes or pick an area of your choice. The height can be adjusted smoothly to position the massage nodes exactly where you need them and so this pad can be used by people of different heights. Also, the head pillow can be easily detached and cleaned.

Use the two Velcro strips to secure the massage pad to any of your dining or office chairs, and enjoy an extremely good massage. It is definitely worth the money.

This is one of the wisest investments We’ve ever made. For the price of one spa massage, We obtained this massager that We can use whenever We want in the comfort of my own home, and it has helped me relieve muscular tension that We needed after work and the gym.

My purchase has exceeded my expectations. Because We am 5’4″, We had to sit on a cushion for the lowest setting on the neck module to adequately massage my neck, but this did not detract from the massage’s effects. Even though sitting on a pillow, We can still feel the seat vibrate.


  • Work well
  • Easy to use
  • Help a lot with to relax after a day sitted at work or after a workout


  • A bit noisy, especially is you active the neck part.
  • Not sure why there is a “heat” option.


#04 – OOTORI N500pro Massage Chair

OOTORI N500pro Massage Chair


Color: Pure
Material: Leather
Furniture Finish: Leather
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 265 Pounds

This massage chair provides intense back massages. It has airbags, foot rollers, and a zero-gravity feature that provides you a full-body massage experience. Based on your need and liking, you can adjust the speed, strength, and type of the massage covering your neck, shoulders, back, legs, and feet.

The massage can get quite intense and if you will like it if you like strong massages, otherwise just use a blanket or towel underneath. The chair will suitably fit anyone over 5’6” and is apt for everyone who likes intense neck and back massages.

After a hard day at work, getting a massage is quite soothing. When It was massaging, We fell asleep numerous times. When activating the zero gravity function, this massage chair gives a very immersive experience.

You may acquire very inexpensive chairs as well as quite pricey ones. This one fell perfectly into that sweet spot for me, and it was a good investment. It massages nicely and may range from a gentle to a very strong, nearly excruciating massage. However, We, as well as my wife, feel considerably better thereafter.


  • Good chair for an excellent price
  • Great value
  • Great Chair, wife loves it!!


  • Liked the chair hated the support


#05 – Comfier Shiatsu Neck



Color: Dark Gray
Material: Leather
Power Source: Corded Electric, Product input 12V, the home adapter input 100-240V

This back massager has shiatsu balls that rotate clockwise or counterclockwise or roll up and down the back on either side of the spine. You can select any mode you like.

The massager also has a heating mode which improves the effectiveness of the massage. It can be used by people of different heights as the neck massager can be lowered or raised.

Make sure to fix it to a tall chair with a solid back, and you are all set. It is a bit on the pricier side but works well. If you want a strong back massager, you will like this one.

We’ve been using this massage chair for over a month, and the discomfort in my shoulder has decreased significantly when We use it for five minutes each day.

Great massager that helps me relax after a long day at the computer. All of the functionalities work just as they should.

We like the neck section of the massager because We can adjust it up and down to massage the top of my shoulder and adjust it to where my neck is.

Because my back doesn’t affect me all that much, We don’t have much input in how the back massage is performed.



  • Back rollers are really pretty good.
  • 2D/3D option is nice.
  • Demo mode is a very pleasant experience and most of the time I just use that!


  • Option buttons to move the massagers up and down work very poorly.
  • Small rollers under the larger ones on the neck massager don’t protrude enough to be effective.
  • Neck rollers either need to be further apart to allow rollers underneath to work properly or closer together to give a better massage.


#06 – Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager

Comfier Shiatsu Back Massager


Color: Black
Power Source: Corded Electric, Product input 12V, the home adapter input 100-240V

This back massager comes with a Velcro back strap that can be attached to an office/kitchen chair and a flap that helps to reduce the intensity of the massage. It has four rotating massage nodes that provide deep kneading massage of two adjustable intensities.

You can customize the massage and choose either the zone, cover the full-back, or manually choose the spot. The heat generated by the rollers is noticeable and soothing. The massager can be folded in half and stored easily. If you want a massager that gives you strong back massages, you should choose this one.

The massager comes with a user handbook and folds in half for simple storage. Has a kitchen/dining chair elastic velcro back strap, works great in a recliner or couch, and the adjustable height is simply the height at which you place the back portion to fit your body.

This massager is just fantastic. My children and hubby were squabbling about who should receive it next. It has a lot of power and works out all of your kinks. If you’re thin and bony, though, you may get intense bruising. For a few days afterward, We had bruises on my shoulder blades, making it uncomfortable to sit with my back against any chair or seat. You’ll enjoy it if you merely modify your behaviour to prevent it.


  • Great massager for the price!
  • Mama happy, alle happy
  • Awesome massage chair!!


  • Not a miracle cure. Get a back only unit.
  • Stopped working after 3 uses!!!


#07 – Gideon Shiatsu Massage Chair



Gideon’s Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion has four massaging nodes that move up and down your upper back, lower back, or upper back. It also has nodes that massage the neck and shoulders. It has two vibration intensities and rotating balls that provide deep kneading massages.

Pick a particular spot on your back, select the heating option, and vary the intensity and you enjoy a great back massage. This cushion is best suited for those who are 5’7” or under so that it fits. It works quite well and comes at a pretty decent rate too.

Always bothered with back discomfort. We purchased these goods in order to get some relief. The one in the rear looked to be broken. The heating element would not turn on, which is a feature We really like. The merchant contacted me, and We informed them. They immediately supplied another one at no further cost. That’s outstanding customer service. They will be used again in the future.

We bought this for my husband to help him with his back problems, and he loves it! He utilises it on a regular basis and finds that it provides him with momentary respite from his discomfort. We’ve tried it a few times and it’s AMAZING!!!


  • Pretty good but not perfect.
  • Much deeper massage than expected!
  • It’s AWESOME!!!


  • Not great back coverage
  • No car adapter but otherwise its good.


#08 – Massage Chair



Aside from a zero-gravity recline, this massage chair provides tapping, knocking, rolling, kneading, and shiatsu massages. It has four automatic modes you can choose from- swing, stretch, relax, and recover modes. It also has an in-built waist heater which improves the massage.

The feet rollers work very well and give your feet a relaxing kneading massage. The massage can be easily customized and is suitable for those above 5’7”. Assembling the chair can be tricky as it is a bit time-consuming but the instructions are quite helpful. On the whole, a good massage chair.

We’ve had this incredible massage chair for about two weeks. My wife and We both adore his present!!! It warms the back of your calves and lower back while massaging you from the bottom of your feet to your head. We use it before and after work, and when she’s in the shower, We generally run it back to back! delighted We went ahead and bought the chair; it was a terrific deal, and we’re really loving it!!

We just received the chair today, and it was really simple to put together. We walked in and immediately began to relax on the massage chair.


  • I LOVE this Chair!
  • Fast delivery and easy to assemble.
  • Amazing massage chair


  • Comfortable and Good Value; Not good for people over 5’10”
  • Doesn’t get up to my neck


#09 – Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

Portable Light Weight Massage Chair


Color: Blue
Material: Aluminum
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 650 Pounds
Item Weight: 1 Pounds
Brand: Master Massage

This Portable Massage Chair can be effortlessly folded and placed in a sturdy nylon case which makes it easy to carry and store. It is simple to set up and the armrests, head support, chest pad, and seats can be adjusted, accommodating people of different sizes comfortably.

The chair is made of artificial leather, and is oil and waterproof, and is extremely easy to clean too. According to the manual, the chair supports a working weight of 250lbs and weighs 23lbs. It is simple and modern and can be easily moved from one place to another.

This is a fantastic massage chair! It was quite simple to assemble, and it is extremely comfy. There aren’t a lot of instructions for setting it up, but it’s quite self-explanatory. We would strongly advise people to get this chair. Thank you very much!

It’s simple to put together. Excellent quality, as well as soft and comfy. The eyeglass holder below is very popular with visitors.

We ordered a vitrectomy for my spouse since he had a macular hole in his eye. In his and many other cases, a vitrectomy necessitates lying face down for two weeks. For him, this chair was an excellent choice. He was able to go through the two weeks with the help of this chair and another equipment.



  • Light weight and easy to use.
  • Easy to assemble. Great quality and soft and comfortable.


  • Face Down Vitrectomy


#10 – Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair


Color: Black
Material: Aluminum
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 650 Pounds
Item Weight: 33 Pounds
Brand: Master Massage

MasterMassage’s Apollo Portable Massage Chair is light but very sturdy and is the right combination for a portable massage chair. Made of aluminum, it supports a working weight of 650lbs. It has a wide seat so that people of various sizes can easily use it. The chair’s frame, as well as cushions, can be readjusted based on comfort.

It also has a storage pouch that may be used for storing accessories. It can be cleaned easily and is oil-and water-proof. The chair can be smoothly transferred from one place to another quite smoothly in the luggage-style case. For masseurs with a wide range of clients, it gives you pretty good value for your money.

After the first retinal detachment, recovery required sitting bent over for 100 percent of the time for one week, 75 percent for week 2, 50 percent for week 3, and 25 percent for week 4, putting a lot of strain on the neck and back muscles. We hired a vitrectomy chair after the second and third detachments (aka massage chair). We bought this chair on the 4th of July.

This would be ideal for massage, but we used it for my father, who couldn’t sleep lying down since he could only breathe easily while he was leaning forward. He was exhausted from lack of sleep, but he was eventually able to sleep on this chair, which was a huge relief.


  • Comfortable, sturdy, easy to assemble.
  • So far so good
  • Strong sturdy comfort


  • Broken out of box.


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